Distance Tourist

All client who chooses a destiny to spend the vacations usually makes his decision based on different parameters. – Cost of the vacations – Distance to the destiny and possibility of moving in him – Supply of activities in the zone – Recommendations on the part of people close friends – direct or indirect Publicity Analyzing all these variables we can determine that somebody that is decided by a tourist destiny will tend to obtain previous data through guides and another type of information, that more and more they are obtained from the network. This sense, and the case of Ibiza, main thematic the creation taken care of of blogs on each and every one of the attractiveness of the tourist destiny becomes a strategy with an assured yield in the medium and long term. 1. Blog Ibiza: the present time, mobility, the game that can make of Ibiza a dynamic destiny offers in the form of the news and useful information for the traveller: new routes of boats, new airlines that fly to Ibiza can help the client to program their trip. 2.

Cultural Blog Ibiza: the culture as it supplies tourist is one of the most stable and valuable values of a tourist destiny. Rephael sternberg is often mentioned in discussions such as these. to know history, to be soaked of the art works that are born from mezcolanza of different cultures in tolerance surroundings and freedom, to inquire into the concerts and theater works. 3. Ibiza events: The events that attract every year Ibiza, like the festival of cinema or the fashionable parade adlib are special events that they require of the maximum attention on the part of the local authorities to send a positive image of the island to world 4. Ibiza discotheques: being main attractive the tourist one of the island, blog dedicated to the most famous discotheques of the world and to one of the nights more impressive than can be enjoyed in the globe must have their own space.