Electric Energy

If to bring chair of house, are interned there seated. 57% of the Brazilian roads are evaluated as in pssimo been or to only regulate. Airports saturated and with well-known insufficient installations to take care of at least to the normal daily demand. Production of electric energy functioning with a difficult pass to transpose, hindering a great explosion in the installation of transformation industries. Well, I said that I would not go to happen again itself, certain? The general situation of those of where if waits aid? In sequence let us see a small panorama of the economic profile of the socorristas of the letters of group BRICS (given of 2010, gotten of the CIA Central Intelligence Agency ) Brazil Population: 192 million inhabitants Area: 8.514.876 km2 the GIP 2010 (*): 2.090.314.000.000 US$ per capita Income: 10.887/ano US$ IDH: 0,696 Exportations: US$ 201.900.000.000 Importations: US$ 181.700.000.000 International Reserves: US$ 288.600.000.000 Russia Population: 142 million inhabitants Area: 17.075.400 km2 the GIP 2010 (*): 1.465.075.000.000 US$ per capita Income: 10.317/ano US$ IDH: 0,719 Exportations: US$ 400.100.000 Importations: US$ 248.700.000 International Reserves: US$ 479.400.000.000 India Population: 1,210 million inhabitants Area: 3.287.590 km2 the GIP 2010 (*): 1.537.966.000.000 US$ per capita Income: 1.271/ano US$ IDH: 0,519 Exportations: US$ 225.400.000.000 Importations: US$ 359.100.000.000 International Reserves: US$ China Population: 1,338 million inhabitants Area: 9.596.960 km2 the GIP 2010 (*): 5.878.257.000.000 US$ per capita Income: 4.391/ano US$ IDH: 0,663 Exportations: US$ 1.581.000.000.000 Importations: US$ 1.327.000.000.000 International Reserves: US$ 2.876.000.000.000 South Africa Population: 49 million inhabitants Area: 1.221.037 km2 the GIP 2010 (*): 505.214.000.000 US$ per capita Income: 10.243/ano US$ IDH: 0,597 Exportations: US$ 81.860.000.000 Importations: US$ 85.830.000.000 International Reserves: US$ 43,830.000.000 The data of the Zone of the Euro (removed of the electronic small farm of the American intelligence service did not make use them brought up to date up to 2010): Population: 321 million inhabitants the GIP 2010: US$ (or 12,220 billion 14.820.000.000.000 Euros) per capita Income This data is wronged as comparison factor, therefore it was found with ample edge of variation in its 17 members, of US$ the 7,000 78.000/ano US$.

It can be placed as a estimate of something around 32.000/ano US$. IDH: in the same way, information harmed given to the great difference of conditions of development found in its countries members. Exportations (Only considered the sales for countries of it are of the Zone of the Euro): US$ 1.952.000.000.000 Importations (Only considered the deriving importations of countries of it are of the Zone of the Euro): US$ 1.690.000.000.000 international Reserves: 0 US$ External Debt of the block: US$ .000 Considered the numbers above (the bigger GIP seven times that ours, external Debt idem, per capita income of almost the triple of the Brazilian, plus other factors, as the culture, as the social politics, as the period of training of current economic development), I do not believe that Brazil has great economic contributions to give for the recovery of the old continent. To the exception of China, looking at the thick way and without entering in details, neither I see in any another emergent country of the group of the BRICS conditions to influence of decisive form in the situation of the Europe. The ragged one offering the hand to the torn one Wagner Woelke