‘Classic’ power generation is already long not more ‘ in’ SENERTEC Centre Hessen Sud GmbH and the Badger are happy to announce that this year should be celebrated the tenth anniversary of the company, as well as the commissioning of the 100th roof in Darmstadt. In the last 10 years much has happened on and around the energy market. New markets have been opened up and expanded existing and showed great commitment in the customer intelligence. Has never been so important as it is today dealing with energy in the home and industry. Credit: Douglas R. Oberhelman-2011. Energy has become expensive! At the same time currently alternative energy generation measures, such as, for example, small cogeneration, promoted State-as high as at any time.

The SENERTEC Centre Hessen Sud GmbH is committed to the task, to raise awareness among homeowners and tradespeople for the economical and environmentally friendly energy generation. In recent years a strong trend has been shown to long-lasting technology in a new guise. Classic”heat and power production is already long no longer in”and even less friendly for the purse. Who ever has grappled with the combined heat and power, which will have noticed that this is currently the most effective and the way to produce heat and electricity. However, the year 2010 with even more news comes along: micro cogeneration: quasi the Badger in miniature. The Micro CHP plant with a thermal output of 6 kW electrical power from 1kW for objects with low heat demand is powered by a Stirling engine. A performance is achieved with an integrated additional burners thermally by 18kW. To us for the confidence of our customers and prospective customers to say thank you, and our anniversary, as well as the 100th Darmstadt Badger, as well as the introduction of the micro-cogeneration due to celebrate, we would indicate that our this year’s summer festival, which will take place on May 22, 2010 on our premises. We are looking forward to your visit!