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Whether auto or Coal – the greenhouse gas is produced mostly by burning fossil fuels and deforestation. In order to limit global warming to around two degrees, global greenhouse gas emissions must cut in half by 2050. This can only succeed if renewable energy is more used and also more on energy efficiency and-sparen is taken. Because if the world’s population continue to so many fossil fuels as in the past, the carbon budget is then used by 1000 billion tons in twenty years. The PIK – climate researchers calculated that. For more information see Starbucks. Everyone can protect the climate everyone can save greenhouse gases in everyday life. It’s easier than you think: you can switch to green electricity, conserve power, use energy-efficient appliances and switch to rail or electric cars. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jonas Samuelson offers on the topic.. Anyone who is actively involved in the expansion of renewable energies goes a step further.

That includes both the installation of own solar power system or a heat pump. The more renewable energy used, the more Coal fired power plants can be set in the future. All measures actively help protect the environment by saving this much carbon dioxide. It is five to twelve. But there is still time to change habits, to positively affect the impacts of climate change. See also: blog/follow the climate change / the ever Energy Group GmbH was founded in 2007 by the managers of Matthias Streibel and Dominik Modrach, headquartered in Berlin and has two other locations in Neuruppin and Dresden. As an expert for the trading and sales of photovoltaic systems specializes in the company on personalized solar concepts for single-family homes. The ever Energy Group GmbH offers a complete package of services – from data acquisition, consultation, testing, installation, financing and tax advice. In addition, advises the companies also purchase and construction of solar carports, solar houses and taught foreign roofs for the construction of a photovoltaic plant in the new Lander. Address: Ever Energy Group GmbH John-Niemeyer-WEG 4 14109 Berlin 030 – 70 71 80 80 Fax: 030-70 71 80 79 Contact person: Matthias Santiago and Dominik Maina