The double opt-in process has the shipper legal certainty. Email marketing is nothing without readers. Clearly, who has to make an offer, would too, that it is perceived. This applies naturally also fully for the field of email marketing. The double opt-in process has the shipper legal certainty.

More than 80% of the world sent emails are classified by the Internet service providers or recipients as spam. This ensures that the algorithms are getting tougher on the classification for spam or not spam. This usually only the emails get through, which classifies the recipients themselves as trustworthy. This is done by the so-called whitelisting, where the recipient trusts the shipper in his email program as a welcome sender. However, come some other emails in the Inbox, not ordered by the recipient. Or the recipient can no longer remember the permission. No wonder with the wealth of information that is flushed the Internet users every day, contrary to. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Richard Elman by clicking through. Internet Entrepreneurs who want to leave your success to chance and to professionally build an email marketing will do well, twice to get permission to send an email or a newsletter.

For this purpose, the prospect fills out a form on which he enters his email address. The first step is done by the sending off. The request will be answered by the autoresponder. This is done by sending a confirmation of registration. Until this registration ensures the inclusion of interested parties in the list of email marketing company. Through the process of the double opt-in is avoided that unwanted entries come. Because this is not only annoying for the entrepreneur who achieved not the desired opening, click and purchase rates, but can have unpleasant consequences for the recipient. Often is out of a joke by friends”a disaster. This resulting damage for the entrepreneur to fend off, double consent is considered to be right-secure. In a lawsuit, he can Marketer in order to prove that he has obtained the permission of the recipient. This fact can also already contribute prior to a possible procedure for conflict resolution and save to real cost and time. The double opt-in procedure thus represents the only alternative for professional participants in email marketing. The use of non-authorised email addresses can lead to considerable costs and inconvenience. That should be avoided.