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Mexico has become today one of the countries most attractive for direct foreign investment because of all the positive characteristics of the country. Firstly its geographic location, because it is located on side of the 1st. economy of the moment, what matters to investors because of negotiations with United States make more accessible, and have the possibility of making more and better with this economic transactions. Likewise, Mexico boasts a wide variety of natural resources, land and conducive climate for all types of industries building, with materials such as petroleum, minerals, agricultural products, etc. And also with resources that help promote the tourist industry such as archaeological sites, beaches, mountains, jungle, desert, etc. In the last decade was ranked Mexico as the best destination for the placement of foreign capital in this area, because of the 500 leading companies in America Latin, most have established their operations in our country. Labor that is counted is at a lower cost that in the majority of developed countries, which makes production costs are lower and more competitive. Mexico, at the same time, is benefited by having the most extensive network of free trade agreements, which ensure preferential access to the markets of North America, the European Union and Latin American partner countries. So, same, Mexico offers security and legal protection to foreign investors, admitting foreign direct investment. One of the main benefits of foreign direct investment is mainly spill technological, economic and knowledge coming into the country, which also acquires a better attitude toward the environment as well as the social and labour conditions in the region where such investments are located, one of them is Quintana Roo. Quintana Roo is the heart of foreign investments, the tourism industry and the real estate, here in Mexico. Ben Horowitz is actively involved in the matter. For more information on this topic or topics related to real estate visit our website: visit also and register, so that you can take advantage of a super discount or take a gift voucher for your first purchase of any of our eBooks.