Familiar Problems

To deal with this situation the body been of alert and chemical preparation to react. In question of seconds the hormones are spread by all the cells of our body, having left our the faster breath and cardiac beatings, amongst other symptoms. Soon being calm the body reacts and comes back to its normal state. Some of the main and more common causes of the Stress are: Professional unreliability, Running, Problems, Familiar Problems, Financial Problems, Illnesses Symptoms and Signals of Stress The symptoms can appear under diverse forms: mental, physical and social, some of the symptoms of stress are; Fatigue; Migraines; Compulsory behaviors; Alcohol, Drugs, etc; Concentration and weak memory; Sleeplessness, Sleepiness, Loss or Increase of> Appetite, Frustrations; Tips to deal and precautions with the Stress Skirt to dance, to namorar, to make sports, to go to the cinema, Change its habits; It lies down more early, it sleeps more, it smokes and it drinks little; If it amuses; It travels, takes off vacation, shortness the family. Most important it is to live the life, and not to take the things so serious, either the happy one and uses to advantage! Anxiety The anxiety is a feeling of ackward, vacant, folloied apprehension of physical sensations as empty (or cold) in the stomach (or the spine), oppression in the chest, palpitations, perspiration, migraine, or air lack, amongst several others. The anxiety is a signal of alert, that it warns on imminent perigos and it enables the individual to take measured to face threats. The fear is the reply to a known threat, defined; anxiety is a reply to an unknown, vacant threat. The anxiety prepares the individual to deal with potentially harmful situations, as punishment or privations, or any threat the unit or integrity personal, physical as in such a way moral.

In such a way, the anxiety prepares the organism to take the measures necessary to hinder the concretion of these possible damages, or at least diminishing its consequences. Therefore the anxiety is a natural and necessary reaction for the auto-preservation. It is not a normal state, but it is a normal reaction, as well as the fever is not a normal state, but a normal reaction to an infection. The normal reactions of anxiety do not need to be treated by being natural and auto-to be limited. The abnormal states of anxiety, that constitute anxiety syndromes are pathological and require specific treatment. The animals also try anxiety.

In them the anxiety prepares for escape or the fight, therefore these are the ways of if preserving. How to control the anxiety? When you to feel itself anxious for obscure reasons, stop and think with critical. The first one passes to assume for example, somebody that goes to be married. Everything this is preparation anxiety, that is, the fear to fail and not to give account of the challenge. In moderate intensity, however, this sensation is positive because it helps the individual if to prepare to give optimum of itself. On the other hand, when raised, the anxiety degree ahead hinders the action of that it sounds as threatening or challenging. Some people, for having exacerbada autocrtica, do not accept e, therefore, they are worried permanently about the possibility of> others also not to accept them. Of this form, they are suspicious the time all to be being considered for somebody. To reduce the critical one and to moderate the fear to enter in scene, therefore, can be a good start. END