Financial Positions

The reflection is indispensable to decelerate our processes of thought and to make them receive major consistency when forming our mental models and see how these influence in the organization. The investigation is very important in our direct interactions with the others especially when it is complex and conflicting subjects. He is very effective to take brings back to consciousness of your perspective based on the data on which one is based. The investigation and reflection will go acquiring much importance in coaching with systemic perspective and the learning, especially for the Strategic and Participating Planning. Although many stop learning once have graduated, the people who authentically learn are those that cultivates the investigation and reflection in the action, the capacity to reflect our thought while we acted. Connection with totality When an organization extends the egoistic interest discovers that it does not have energies to close actions.

The people jeopardize with an ample intention get to have more ambitious objectives. They secure the connectivity with the others, their surroundings, the totality. And, this, produces the sensation to them of compassion characteristic of the people of high level of own dominion. The genuine and sincere sensation to serve to the others, and therefore the shared vision, has great power, can be key so that you find positions optional and alternatives. It is a shock, an awakener so that the people get ready to collaborate in preparing the plan of strategic operation that it will serve the organization to reach what she more matters to him and to win what is prevented it. 1 phase of positional identification Practicing the function of coach leader you must help the other to identify the high-priority positions. Peter Drucker said " that the objectives are necessary for each area of business whose performance and result directly affects to the survival and prosperity of the company.

It identified the following positions like which they need an objective: Financial and physical position of the market, innovation, productivity, resources, directive utility, performance and development, performance and attitude of the workers and public responsibility. Also the weak points, the positions that they prevent or they make difficult you to reach the objectives. The order is not important, can, even, that while you look for the opportunities or resources leave risks or needs vice versa to you and. It does not concern the order, is necessary to point them when they are happened to us. Search and creation of alternative positions You must initiate another inventory of everything what you can make to improve your present position. How the positions can be improved or be changed weak? For it he is advisable to review the inventory and to see which can improve, how to change those that make difficult the obtaining to us of the objective and, mainly, with the maximum flexibility to look for, to identify and to discover new resources, action and values that they help to improve the position to secure the wished results. So that you do not have preocuparte if there are few alternatives or doing a new valuation you do not feel unsatisfied. He is positive to verify that one does not have all the answers. In another next article we will try how to determine that alternative positions guarantee better the results and the accomplishment of the Plan of Strategic operation. Joan Palomeras Spain in Barcelona 30-11-2008 original Author and source of the article.