Fluorescent Lamps Energy

Light. What could be simpler and more natural to our planet? We do not notice it, but it is everywhere, in the tiniest corners. It existed ever since, with which there is the Earth. Such a great time, even to imagine impossible. The most common way to light our house is an ordinary incandescent bulbs. We are so used to them that can not imagine life without these lamps. Incandescent bulbs have become so accessible that we have not pay attention to their price. But as far as they are cheap, so is not durable.

With modern growing interest in energy-saving technologies are beginning to acquire more and more popular energy-saving lamps or compact fluorescent (CFLs). Familiar bulbs have served humanity well, and is now giving way to more advanced development. Energy-saving lamps represent a glass tube, painted phosphor, filled with argon and mercury vapor. Under the influence of stress in the tubes is the process of moving electrons, which collide with mercury atoms to form an invisible ultraviolet pulse, which passing through the phosphor is converted into light. These glass tubes with an electronic triggering device put on a standard cap E-14, E-27, E-40. Since the cap is placed starter then the height of this lamp bude bit more than usual. Previously, fluorescent energy saving lamps little used for domestic purposes, from the cold glow of the spectrum and the tubular shape, but now there was a set of lamps and compact form various spectrum of light, that it was possible to use in a residential area. With the same brightness energy-saving lamps consume 5raz less energy than incandescent bulbs.

Life is 8000-10000 hours, which is 10 times longer than conventional lamps. For more detailed calculations of savings, you can use a calculator on the site thrift energy saving lamps have a high degree light transmission of about 85%. But these characteristics are only high-quality lamps leading manufacturers such as Compak, Navigator, Wolta who have the best value for money. Quite difficult to understand all Diversity of models on the market for this on our website, you can always get competent advice.