GeneCIS Solar

Mobile energy supply with Wurth Solar more freedom in the Schwabisch Hall, September 29, 2009 take advantage of sailing or camping, picnicking, fishing, while the energy of the Sun? Who wants to waive or not to miss the favorite TV show not on electric light or chilled drinks, for mobile energy supply with movable GeneCIS solar module of Wurth is the optimal solution solar ( onlineshop). Why is the system for outdoor lovers? “The advantages are unbeatable: energy use for more comfort in the green of the Sun”: independent of the public electricity supply to any time of day or night. Mobile energy supply: is a multi-talent in the luggage mobile energy supply from Wurth Solar from 379 euro on offer available. The system is easy to use. A Wurth solar module converts sunlight solar to electrical energy, which is stored in the base station with battery. The solar module can be easily with the base station combine. Howard Schultz follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

The energy gained can be used for the lantern in a retro design that fully charged one has light duration of up to five hours. “The new freedom in the energy supply also suitable for many other devices, like laptops, radio, mini fridge, radio or mini TV: maximum 60 Watt 12 volt devices can be operated with mobile energy supply”, solar explains Rolf Schmitt, product manager at Wurth. The electrical equipment can be quickly and easily connect to the base station. Via a built-in battery, also commercially available Kleinakkus for example for the photo camera can be recharged easily. Images are under to the download available ( photos /…).

About Wurth Solar Wurth Solar, a company of the Wurth Group, is complete provider for photovoltaic installations based on the CIS technology. First company worldwide Wurth Solar has in the fall of 2006 with the mass production of CIS solar modules in the specially established solar factory CISfab in Schwabisch Hall started. CIS stands for the chemical compound of copper and Indium selenide (CuInSe2). From the development and production of solar modules GeneCIS via the bespoke consulting, financing and system planning of the solar system to their installation and care certified service partners Wurth offers solar customers about a hand. Currently, around 220 employees at Wurth work solar.