GPS Company

People, any one that plays some role in the rendering of services or will intermediate the sales of a product and finally the processes, in which the service and of utmost importance to stamp the negotiation, exerting a basic marketing paper. The 4 Cs de Robert Lauterbom– customer, focus in it. Convenience is the terms of payment, agility of purchase, delivers, stated periods, orientaes for use. Low cost for the consumer, prices and communication, is necessary to communicate to become visible the easinesses that the company is offering the market. To have a satisfied customer is not enough, is necessary to enchant it.

The USA if very the geography of the market, where the company by means of geomarketing analyzes, knows and potencializa its performance of market in each segment and geographic sector of performance. It aims at to identify which region is more propitious for the launching and distribution of one determined product. It is an implicit tool in the strategy of Marketing, appeared of the necessity to distribute the markets of performance for geographic zones, therefore each region presents characteristics of peculiar consumption. Currently, geomarketing if expands through maps saw satellites published in the Internet, GPS and RFIDs, that they make possible to identify the market cell, the consumption of each individual. The company will obtain to vender its products to the consumers if some basic requirements exist: 1) Some person with necessity must exist that is satisfied with purchase of the product; 2) The person must have the purchasing power to buy the product, e; 3) Conditions to effect the purchase.

To segment a market means to choose a group of consumers, with homogeneous necessities, for which the company will be able to make offers marketing. The segmentation process requires that the factors are identified that affect the decisions of purchases of the consumers. Requirements for the segmentation: the pursuing must be identifiable, measurable, accessible, income-producing and steady.