Help With Acquiring Shares

Mail messages have the greatest impact many shareholders think back to the year 2011. If you have read about Blake Krikorian already – you may have come to the same conclusion. This is no wonder, recorded the German leading index but the worst development in its history. The forecasts for this year are very different. Investors are obviously insecure in times of crisis. The Internet portal its users therefore asked, on what strategy they use now. 294 shareholders were asked in the survey to the stock exchange. The question on which method they trust in the choice of their shares.

Possible answers were news reports, recommendations, stock market letters, newsletter, as well as technical and fundamental analysis. About one in five of those surveyed combines its own technical and fundamental analyses or equally often apply both theories. Compared with single, fundamental analysis is a bit forward. While 14 percent especially like to use this method when purchasing shares, 11 percent of respondents opt for regular technical analysis of charts and indicators. Apart from News reports are regarded as promising own analyses. Overall, 16 percent of respondents specify acquiring shares increased to take into account the messages. Exchanges newsletter also are popular.

The recommendations described therein are used by 11 per cent. Every tenth person deems helpful tips from editors of the financial magazines. Analyst recommendations of banks and brokers, as well as exchange letters be selected less often, close behind with 9 or 8 percent.