In India

In some countries, well-meaning organizations are working without licenses and without coordination. It’s all more or less chaotic, he says. Not just raising money, but also better use of resources. In many cases, there is the will and the resources to treat diseases in the developing world, but basic infrastructures are lacking to those countries. Without roads, energy, clean water and basic health care services including professional nursing providers is simply impossible to carry medicines and treatments that may save lives up to the patients who need them, Nathanson notes. Definitely, Venezuela case that concerns us, must take seriously the problem of health, not only to provide security for its inhabitants, lead them to appropriate services, which ensure for the future a healthy generation, able to encourage that workforce that allows you to develop, consider also what manifests itself, that some countries are doing with the creation of community health networks formed by volunteers, most of whom are women. Many of these volunteers are wives of influential community leaders in the position of making health a priority issue. In India, nurses are being employed in rural areas to assist in the classification of populations and to identify patients who may need to navigate to get more advanced in the doctor’s Office or hospital treatments. Hull KR often says this.

The current Venezuelan Government that identifies with the socialism of the 21st century, should give priority to health, know to invest foreign exchange generated by oil in pro to guarantee a service of health that favours its citizens, give way to a new culture of health, implemented all the apparatus involving the service, from hospitals, clinics technologymedical, nurses, medicines.