IndexFollow Links

Very few websites where you can find quality links, quality I mean the following. * Containing follow the label index * that are not reciprocal For now I give the list of sites where links have no value for "Promote your website." 1. Bookmarking sites: They all have labels NoIndexNoFollow is a waste of time to search for links here. 2. Comment on blogs: Some have labels IndexFollow but nothing guarantees that the owner change the labels to Noindex NoFollow when he pleases.

This has its rationale, when a blog is successful generates a large number of comments by its users, as we all know each comment by establishing a link to the website of the author, when comments are made in large numbers, say more than 100 comments, the blog PR is diluted or disappear, for this reason that in most NoFollow tag blogs in the comments this by default. 3. Participate in Forums: As in the previous case, one day the webmaster decides to change the labels to Noindex NoFollow and link quality is lost. 4. Social Sites: NoFollow Noindex Everyone, this is understandable as these sites are going to socialize not to promote our website. To be clear I'm talking about optimization through quality links and not to bring visitors to your site through these sites, these sites may generate direct visits to its website, the only problem is that you must be a member much activity in order to "bring" their "friends" to your website and this will take much time and effort to achieve, nothing guarantees that these visits continue to flow once you stop participating in these sites (eg forums).

By t he other side will take you quality links to your site visitors for many years by optimizing attained by them, and this practically without effort, just enough to place your link in the right place, those sites where the links will always be with Follow index label. I hope this little article has helped you to target your efforts and help to avoid further "optimize" their sites with links that do not serve, especially the links to Sites and Social Bookmarking Sites are a waste of time. , Our site is dedicated to finding, selecting and ordering products and search engine positioning. Our users bounce freely on the quality of each of these products. You benefit because you can learn about the experience of other customers before you buy. Visit our website and see how our system Reviews.