Indian Oceans

Each person can see them in your own life, note which one or ones need improvement, and with that knowledge to better align these factors. Each and every one of our activities, ideas, goals, desires, goals, etc. belong to one or more of these dynamics without exception. Thus we find people who work exclusively or mainly for survival in only some of these dynamics and even deny some of them …. Yves Bissouma recognizes the significance of this. For example we have the selfish recalcitrant is operating in his life obsessively at first dynamic. Or the lady who only have cats at home, because people are unreliable and only these "animals" are worthy of their trust and affection, is not associated just with neighbors, and their social and family life barely exists .. .. Jenna Fischer pursues this goal as well. is completely stuck in the fifth dynamic.

The cloistered religious, are operating almost exclusively in seventh dynamic searching for the eighth and so on., Etc. So we can do with a little mental exercise people that their life is focused almost exclusively on any of them. This does not mean that those who direct your life in favor of activities that promote survival in some of it is doing it wrong. Wrong is to ignore or abandon that there are eight which in themselves are only human to break down the pro-survival activities in eight departments for study, but only a vital impulse to survive that covers all of them together and when either these is that momentum is badly damaged and the person is not working well and has serious problems. On the other hand we could see it in the various dynamics correctly. For example, in Spain without an enemy country to attack us in an arbitrary and unjustified, possibly the majority would join in an effort to third dynamic (the group formed by the Spanish) to repel the aggression. But if we attack the "Martians" as in "Independent's Day" (very bad indeed), all humanity would unite in an effort to fourth dynamic (even fifth and sixth) to survive as a species.

This example unfortunately is clearly reflected in the huge global aid to those affected in major disasters like the tsunami of the Indian Oceans and unfortunately many more. This is help and pro-survival action in the fourth dynamic. Are not taken into account either the color or language or religious beliefs, as they all settle for third dynamic groups. Vicente Vidal.