Internet Marketing

There are two main disadvantages: There are not many such promotions in Spanish. But they are. I wrote a post on my blog make money online with “where some links to affiliate platforms where you will find some companies that offer it in Spanish. The other disadvantage is, it takes a lot less for this type of action (in the Hispanic world usually pay 8 cents if it is a double click until 5 $ / Euros per share) that identifies a sale and that you have to send a lot of traffic to these pages to actually pay for our Internet business. So Adwords dominates and is able to pay less than 5 cents per click has a clear advantage. Arbitration is called by the difference between what we pay for the traffic and what we pay is our gain. (In my blog I’ve posted the first of a series and pay less in Google Adwords). As usual the one who understands English has an advantage.

As with the affiliate programs of CPS / CPV is offering much more choice in English than in Spanish. English will also find companies that pay much more for this type of action. But beware! It is quite difficult to be accepted as an Affiliate in the CPA American platforms. They have a very restrictive policy and normally only accept affiliates who can demonstrate experience with CPA campaigns. Even go so far as to interview by phone to all those interested in participating in the platform. But where there are no tricks systems! There are courses (especially English), they teach you these tricks for most platforms support you without much trouble. I have written several articles on my personal blog “Make Money Online with”, mentioning the most important platforms and a CPA Review course on a pretty good that teaches everything you need to do to make this kind of Internet Marketing is economically more profitable than traditional affiliate marketing. It is also one of the Internet Marketing niche where one is quite lost if you do not have a guide or something similar. But this is very likely that the CPA Marketing adventure ends before it has begun! Everything has its price.