ISBN Music

This is the beginning of an intense travel photographs by Andreas Oetker-Kast, including introduction when the lights in the concert hall go out and applauded the crowd expectantly. Magic her audience occurs in the communication of the musicians with their art, in their interaction with each other and exchanging with us. We can understand these moments in the paintings of Andreas Oetker-Kast, which he presented in his first book of music. Jazz, soul, pop, blues next to legends like B.B.King and Pat Metheney are Joo Kraus, Wolfgang Haffner, Thomas Siffling, but also yet unknown artists. In 87 high-contrast black and white images of the photographer takes us into the inner workings of the concert events. In a good concert, you can discover music in a way that goes far beyond the hearing also.

With my pictures I would make more people feel like, to experience this magic.” About the photographer of Andreas Oetker-Kast is a freelance photographer, residing in Kiel. After studying sociology, he has only a career in an international public Then two and a half years in the United States decided relations agency in Germany, first six years. Since 2003 he has been living in Germany, in 2004 followed the entry into the professional photography with a specialization on documentary and music photography. Since 2006 he has seminar participants at the Ostkreuz School of photography, Berlin, first under the leadership of Michael Tan (2006), since May 2007 under Werner Mahler.