Marketing MLM

Today must be aware that the industrial era term ago already long years, we are now living the era of information, but any change of era brings redundant changes out grandis. Ago over 20 years that the tradicionalesque knew lease nearly lifetime employment, with social security jobs and other privileges, they began to be eliminated by the corporations in many countries of the world, on the other hand corporations have increased temporary jobs, to fixed term, part time, fees and independent contractors, in order to limit the working hours of these employees to only essential items to avoid so the payment of social benefits as hours Extras, retirements, medical insurance etc. As a consequence of the above the growth rate of this type of workers grows at pace relentless throughout the world. This happens because the companies have moved their plants forever to other countries in search of cheap labor, tax deductibility, lower taxes or increased labour streamer. Other cause It has to do with the development of technology that has made increasingly efficient businesses and with increasingly fewer people, also increasing automation to fact unnecessary human work. Therefore most lucrative companies are those that have made a great reduction in personnel, this process continues and will continue every time acelerandose more.

Many writers of themes economy and investors predict that in the 21st century we will witness the death of employment as we know it today in day. in this information age the word work is a: task behavior specific and temporary. Chile is a great example of all this, the outsourcing contracts to fixed term (maximum one year) fees to employees and independent contractors is usual in this country. Further the State apparatus has this type of workers in its various services. For all these reasons it is the Marketing MLM represents for many of these people who do not succeed in finding ever more traditional employment a great opportunity to build a profitable business with a bajisima investment that generates them stable income and with large posibilidaes increase them in accordance with their abilities and effort put into execution.