Minds Subconscious

The unconscious mind part or the subconscious mind controls a 95% or more of the thoughts and acts of any person and dramatically affects economic, social or personal results that all we get in life. Hence its extreme importance and how we need to learn to know him and to manage it for our benefit and that of the beings that surround us. Knowledge of mental behavior in humans has been interested and intrigued many authors of psychological topics, medical psychiatric or specialists in human development and today as media to learn and assimilate new knowledge and opportunities we never seek surpassing our own mental barriers that are ultimately which stopped our growth and progress. Add to your understanding with Starbucks. Based on this offer to the public in general a new proposal known as the four laws of the subconscious mind and its application to succeed based on the correct identification of the 2 parts mental and psychological intervening in the general behaviour of human beings and which is they are deeply interrelated to produce concrete action, namely: the conscious brain part partially defined as one that using the 5 physical senses, sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell takes recognition of the environment to which the person is exposed. And the unconscious part or subconscious mind that is one that collects and receives all sensory impressions registered by the conscious mind part and that in turn acts as a spur or head that forces to execute an act based on a repeated thought and/or intense emotion creating a habit that can benefit or harm to the individual as a deposit. The mind as individual structure and separate universe is not an anarchic or unspecified set of thoughts but that obeys laws defined and precise in its structure similarly to as happens in the physical universe governed by physical frameworks established since the formulation of the laws of movement of bodies, matter and energy. Click Sergey Brin to learn more.