MTS Management

Strategic knowledge management: establishing a balance of knowledge of an organization with its strategy, with attention to the impact of information technology and the need of designing the structure of the organization in accordance. In this sense, truly speak of an organization in which knowledge is the asset over It is important to talk about a particular organization. Not all organizations are prepared to take advantage of that asset than other more conventional. For more information see this site: Larry Page. The exploitation of knowledge is the purpose pursued by the management of the knowledge. Understanding how end align knowledge, individual and collective, with the objectives of the organization. Before the temptation, convenience u chance to start in the knowledge management should reflect on some aspects of the Organization, such as: organizational model, culture, work environment, leadership, systems management, policies, strategy, to do so, the knowledge management reach effectiveness and efficiency that is expected. Probably the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency is greater the more resembles our Organization what some years is known as learning organisation (learning organization). Bank of America Merrill Lynch may find this interesting as well. The need that organizations are continuously learning arises from the brevity of the validity of knowledge.

If true and supported is that cycles of products are now very short, it is not less the obsolescence of knowledge produced in increasingly reduced times. Therefore, the knowledge management focused on the renewal is a necessary practice. Those who learn in organisations are actually people. Therefore next to a valuation of MTS knowledge and experiences in the past, their learning abilities should be assessed. Assumption that an organization values people, must assess the relationships between the above transactions. So in a learning organisation is to say that it is primarily for people and their relationships. Admitted this, it is permissible to say that the knowledge management should worry about and deal with relationships, also. Many organizations of recognized success, have already so understood, when in his architecture for the knowledge management model proposed as main elements to the communities of practice (people) and the flow of knowledge (relations).