New DELO Adhesive

High degree of flexibility and strength combined Windach, 7 January 2014: DELO industrial adhesives presents new adhesives for the MEMS packaging with unique combinations of properties. The adhesives combine for the first time a high flexibility and with high shear strength and offer in addition best processing properties. Micro mechanical systems, MEMS short, are on the rise and are now found in many everyday products such as mobile phones and automotive applications. Although this collective only a few millimetres are large, there is also a trend towards miniaturization”, as Robert Saller, international sales manager at DELO. Where the previously used adhesives such as Silicones at their borders meet, convince our adhesives with best performance. They are not only very flexible. You have also a high shear strength and can be good. They allow the development of even smaller MEMS.” The newly developed MEMS-adhesives are highly flexible, not brittle and offset voltages thus reliably even when Temperatures.

This is a consistent signal characteristics during the entire duration of use is provided. Despite this flexibility, the MEMS adhesives by DELO offer at the same time highest shear strength. They also convince with their metering and processing properties, because they can be jetting off to and harden at low temperatures within a very short time. The adhesives on the market make unique the combination of these properties. About DELO: DELO is a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives based in Windach near Munich.

In the last fiscal year to 31.03.2013, 350 employees generated a turnover of over 50 million euros. The company offers tailor-made special adhesives and systems for applications in specific sectors of the electronics to the smart cards and automotive industry as well as in the glass and plastics processing. The customers include companies such as Bosch, Daimler, Festo, Infineon, Knowles and Siemens. DELO has a network of worldwide offices and Sales partner. Press contact: Matthias Stollberg / Katrin of Kirchgassner DELO industrial adhesives DELO-Allee 1, D-86949 Windach phone + 49 8193 9900-212 /-391 E-Mail /