New Model Energy

In the past the human being has used natural sources of energy to improve their quality of life. It has been able to use the force of the wind to their advantage. Until recently the windmills were an essential part of the economy, in modern terms these domestic wind turbines were environmentally clean and sustainable. With the industrial revolution and the discovery of the steam engine the energy model based on fossil fuels replaced the energy model based on natural sources. At the beginning everything were advantages, the coal and oil seemed the perfect guarantee of the welfare society. A society without future vision was let go by economic interests. Priority was the immediate economic well-being and all who raise voice against was strikethrough radical. Even nowadays there are groups who argue that climate change does not exist, it is not caused by human being and of course fossil fuels nothing have to do.

Worried about the future that awaits us, nowadays society She seems willing to change. Environmental issues are fashionable. Governments encourage the use of renewable energy and all sorts of new plans promise us a hopeful future. But the reality is that the changes are very slow, all seem to agree in wanting to radically change the energy model without changing the economic model. While each defend their own interests and others put the cry in heaven our planet continues its slow agony.