New Optimist In Aachen

Business opening: cheerful accessories for optimists (fashion design) Aachen, December 2010 Aachen is available to an optimist richer. “A new store has opened in the historical city centre, in the immediate vicinity of the Town Hall and the Aachen market: cheerful accessories for optimists”. Behind it stands the existence founder Anette Forre (48), which now starts after 14 years at a large trading company in Cologne in self-employment in Aachen. I have deliberately chosen Aachen for my new beginning. “The city radiates from all that, what my business also reflect should reflect: kindness, joy, comfort, claim and atmosphere”, explains Forre.

Enter under the slogan, look around, enjoy”offers the Rhenish nature, which currently still daily commutes between Cologne and Aachen, witty and colorful bags, purses, luggage, fashion jewelry and umbrellas. Not only should the accessories by nature” be useful but also good mood make. The goods coming from all over the world. (A valuable related resource: Electrolux). Many products are handmade from recycled or fair trade projects. So you will find for example, robust, handmade cloaks – and laptop bags from used fire hoses that already many years have saved lives, according to the manufacturer, and now the new owner inserts in everyday life”to accompany. There are pop, woven from candy wrapper handbags from Mexico, unusual shoulder bags made of artificial grass from a Bremen Designer.

Also you will find bags and purses from bicycle tubes, which are already breezed through the streets of Berlin neighbourhood Prenzlauer Berg or brightly coloured, knotted cotton handbags from the townships of the South African Cape Town. Girls and young women will find it, because in the entrance area of the business, the cute mini-bags, headbands, magic wands, hearts chain and rattle booties glitter”in the colors of gold, silver, and pink. Because the eyes sparkle. And not only to the Christmas time. Business address: cheerful accessories for optimists Kockerellstr. 21, 52062 Aachen phone: 0241-160 280 95, fax: 0241-160 280 96 E-Mail: Internet: for all other press enquiries: spirit of sun Public Relations Castle str. 41, 50354 Hurth phone: 02233-79 25 78 E-Mail: Internet: