Offshore Trusts

By experience we know that many people interested in a combination of " + + offshore emigration," or emigration to New Zealand by the New Zealand open an offshore company or trust. For those who are not familiar with such struktoroy as trust (or trust) – details can be found here in such cases we say that strictly speaking, a trust or company are not tool for emigration, but in some cases they can facilitate this process. Click National Banks Holiday Corp to learn more. First, the possible investment in New Zealand business or an independent business in New Zealand, either directly or through your own New Zealand Trust. When investing the sum of 1.5 million NZD you can already apply for residency (residence permit) for category of investors. If the investment amount is less, in addition to income you will receive a New Zealand business experience, and it will be a great advantage in obtaining long-term business visa (and emigration for Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneur Plus), which is also much easier to verify and prove the New Zealand Immigration Service, rather than the business experience of other countries.

You can choose business or invest-the project corresponding to your needs and your interest in business. For example, it may be buying shares in local companies seeking investors. With careful planning, revenue Invest project may be delayed or transferred to your account in another country, and from there transferred to the trust account (to avoid potential New Zealand and income tax obligation). Secondly, the opening up of the trust Your exile will be the right move in terms of financial and tax planning the move and taking into account the opportunities offered by the New Zealand tax regime. What is a pre-migration trust? The trust, created prior to your move to New Zealand, in which we will place your assets. After moving to a trust does not necessarily close enough to change his status to qualifying trust, by giving notice to the tax authorities.

What tax advantages are the benefits? Transfer of assets into a trust from abroad (as cash, for example) will not be taxed. This also applies to the subsequent income and down payment into a trust. For reference, at transfer of property into a trust resident in New Zealand there is the obligation to pay tax on the gift rather big and in case of income from the trust he taxed at 33%. When you want to open a trust, is being tax resident, transfer of property to a trust is more complicated and fraught with so much away. What is the strategy in general? The strategy is the establishment of income-generating structure, in which would-be migrants puts a portion of their assets and enjoy tax advantages. Such a structure would be ideal for someone who wants to place a revenue-producing facilities abroad, and leave them intact for some period of time.