Opening Take

And here, at an early stage, most entrepreneurs make a fairly common mistake. They evaluate their budget and under it looking for some room. This is plainly wrong. When you select a location to keep in mind a large number of factors, if you do not take into account at least one of them, this will lead to changes in business models operation of Internet cafes. Must have sufficient knowledge of their customers, their habits, the average age, wealth, where they learn, where they live, their movement through the city, how they spend their leisure time. Make a map, which will contain: sleeping areas, high schools, clubs, cinemas, hotels, metro stations of Moscow. It overlay the routes of movement of citizens, and their points of intersection will be "golden sites".

Add to that his visual sensations. Travel the city, see what kind of people live and work in the area, who are sitting on benches in parks. Those places that seemed interesting to you, please visit the morning and afternoon and evening, in good and bad weather, weekends and weekdays. Of all This idea emerged about the optimal location. At one time Cafemax gone along this path, and the search bore fruit. We started from an ideal location, which would open an Internet cafe, and then, based on our business model, build a plan for further action. Choosing a location may take much longer time than the construction. For example, since the beginning of repair before the opening of Internet centers Cafemax passes all about three months, and the choice of location may take a year.