Organ Transplant Traffic

Pope Benedict XVI, recently said that people invisible and anonymous circumstantial facts jump to the news and are cruelly exploited by the media until it exhausts the news without first obtaining morals, lessons, conclusions and that’s what actually going to happen with the latter’s clandestine Kidney transplantation is being aired in the media, so it is necessary to obtain some conclusions. 1) If an organ trafficking at international level, there are organized gangs who kidnap and kill mainly young people to get each of them several organs, Dr. Carla del Ponte as Prosecutor of the United Nations a few years ago denounced the disappearance of Albanians , Serbs, Mexicans to extract their organs and sell them to smuggling, kidnapping prostitutes in Brazil for this purpose, in the USA working in the funeral home with fresh corpses, do not forget that organ trafficking and the trafficking of women are being considered as ” Emerging Business “more profitable. Recently Golden Eagle Coins sought to clarify these questions.

2 .- There is on-line sales of organs, in full view of prosecutors, police, journalists, Web are especially dedicated to this bargain in the sale of organs, an investigation by the newspaper Clarin, located in Peru in the third position America in the Organ Transplant Traffic illegal. 3 .- There is an advance on legal matters but persists abandonment by the state, parties and the political class to encourage the donation, the only operational Transplant Unit at the Almenara Essalud works at a local and a Budget deserve much better luck. 4 .- There are several clandestine clinics in Lima and provinces to work in the eyes of the authorities of the MOH (which persecute rather formal), which makes all kinds of surgery and as we have seen so very complex surgery and Transplants May .- The Ochlocracy that governs us is so dire that no longer surprise us the outrageous corruption of government and his party at all level, corruption has reached also at unpolluted hands of some specialists in transplantation, which has succumbed to the money, as has happened in Europe, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru and other countries..