Orgasm Energy Drink

Surprise with this energy drink and engage in communication. With the premium energy drink orgasm has kicked off the inventor an avalanche. Because with the Austrian spring water and a specially developed formulation takes the name everywhere like a bomb! In addition, you will find the orgasm not in free trade. Because: The energy drink is marketed exclusively through direct sales. Here, active distributors have the opportunity in a short time to build a massive business. Target by Ewald Golles (inventor of the G.O.T. global Orgasmus trading) is within the next few months, to extend the already opened market in Germany and Austria to other European countries.

Mr Golles: “we want to give the chance every consumer, with only one tray (24 cans) per month, to build its own network. After only a few weeks of sales activities, the commissions already cover the own tray. The whole thing plays out at a price from 21.60 Euro per tray + shipping off. Each registered partner has its own online portal, the is clear and well structured built and manages orders, invoices, commissions, deposits, payments, customers, distributors and much more. There are no hidden costs, you can start with zero and taste everything as before a marriage with G.O.T.

as fiance and try. You may Commission only if you bought a tray as own consumption in the period (month). Important for people that currently no additional income may have personal reasons: you can still build a structure and then flow commissions with a tray. When to start your orgasm business? Is now the right time? If not now when then? What advantages does the orgasm energy drink is not taste so extremely intense, this as a thirst quencher suitable causes no heartburn due to the composition of the acids includes best spring water from Austria a unique, unmistakeable recipe contains important vitamins – the skin is beautiful, the body purified even Energy where they really needed is not extremely sweet or bitter aftertaste is strict controls during the filling process of constant review of storage! Orgasm energy drink is bottled exclusively in aluminium cans! (Many other manufacturers use tin cans as they are cheaper. The shelf life is only a year. Drinks in cans, however, are stable for two years. Aluminium cans are also more hygienic than bottles!) The orgasm is tolerated, because he has a slightly lower carbonic acid content energy drink. The caffeine content is 32 mg 100 ml. per box (250 ml) 80 mg be used on taurine, which is more expensive, but more important part in our energy drink. Also, it increases the fun and flirt factor, which in turn increases the communication. According to the study, 65% of all men have inhibitions to attract women! Energy drink falling the threshold through orgasm. Example: “I can buy you an orgasm?”… 😉 The target group of orgasm energy drink car and truck driver workaholics Students and student athletes disco and party people energy – drink – consumer energy drink fan club by regular inspections are collectors, orgasm only uses the best ingredients. Consistently high quality orgasm guarantees energy drink according to best taste of premium class!