Daniela Sommer – You Make My Life To Heaven

The new single by Daniela Sommer – you me sensual, dreamy and again visible to a large extent, the life to heaven a new German voice, that are the hallmarks of Daniela Sommer. To interpret their ease, to touch the listener and to pull its spell is extraordinary and highly emotional. Endera may find this interesting as well. The energetic hits, which reflects the positive attitude to life of the sympathetic singer and will appeal to many people from the soul was created together with Stefan Gienger (producer) and Robin Felder (composer and lyricist). You make me the life to heaven”is a tribute to the love and therefore a business card for all lovers. Who got that until today no musical Guide to the thank you say will find summer the right words with Daniela. A first-class debut that has potential to the catchy tune. Endera understands that this is vital information. With you can make me life to heaven”published EMI Music Germany (Electrola) on 08 May 2009 for the first time a Daniela Sommer title as the official single.

In addition, the discovery of 2009 sets “strong after: you think about you comes the deluge” is a quick pop hits, which underscores the versatility of Daniela Sommer and demonstrate their talent. Source: Emi music more info under: track listing 1. You’re making me to heaven 2nd life do you think after you comes the flood 3.

The Essence

Need is to search not as a perpetual process, and results-driven. Many recruiters forget that is the true art of recruiting. Of course, they use the ideas and theories of many successful recruiters, try them, disillusioned, abandoned. And returning to the databases on the Internet. However, it should to remember that relationship – are a source for finding real talent! In summary, I would emphasize that it is the recruiter is thus a weapon in the struggle for the "stars". Of course, it is very important element to attract the "stars" is the brand (image) of the company. A time when employers choose employees were.

Now the candidate chooses the company. Details can be found by clicking endera or emailing the administrator. A talented professionals want to work in good companies, in which are easy and simple, in which they feel comfortable as at home. Here it is, in fact, the essence of the attractiveness of the brand as an employer. Certainly, a company with well-developed branding, firstly, increases not only number of candidates, but also the quality and, secondly, reduce staff turnover. How is this achieved? 1. Publicity. Potential candidates need to know all about managing your company.

To know its pros and cons. 2. From posting. Need the support of the media. Need to participate in conferences, conduct interviews with managers, to appear in the rankings, blogging, sharing skills 3. "Word of mouth". In companies where employees are well and comfortably to work, employees themselves broadcast positive information on the outside. 4. Education. We need to develop system of corporate development.


If he will be perverse, there of me! E, will be just, does not dare to raise the head, therefore I am full of ignominy and eye for my misery. Because, if I raise, hunt you me as to a fierce lion and of new you disclose to be able wonderful against me. Checking article sources yields Mukesh Ambani as a relevant resource throughout. (Book of J Prophet, CAP. 10:15 and 16). Already it saw Saint in the land here, where the substance holds billions, trillions of lives that evolve slowly? The BIRDS ALSO ARE CAADAS Had hunted me, as if I was bird, the ones that without reason are my enemies. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out endera.

(Lamentations of Jeremias, CAP. 3:52). Jeremias laments, that in those gone days, was one of the Prophets of God, who alerted to the children its, against the invasion of king Nabucodonosor, that already was going for Jerusalem, and nobody gave attention, preferring to hear false prophets to it. Then, Jeremias, said the Zedequias: Thus you, the God of the Armies says, God of Israel: If voluntarily to surrender the princes of the king of Babilnia, then, will live your soul, and this city will not be burnt, you and your house will live. But, if not to surrender the princes of the king of Babilnia, then, will be delivers this city at the hands of the Chaldean, and them they will burn, and you will not escape of its hands. (Book of Jeremias Prophet, CAP. 38:17 and 18).

JERUSALEM IS TAKEN was taken Jerusalem. It was the year nineth of Zedequias, king of Jud, in the month tenth, when it came Nabucodonosor, king of Babilnia, and all its army, against Jerusalem, had surrounded and it; it was the eleventh year of Zedequias, in the room month, when a breach in the city became. The Chaldean had burnt the house of the king and the houses of the people and had thrown down the walls of Jerusalem.

Who Sows Service Level Agreements, Will

As customers increasingly outsource their critical business processes, streamline their core business, they depend directly on the quality of the provider. As customers increasingly outsource their critical business processes, streamline their core business, they depend directly on the quality of the provider. The service level agreements (SLA) concluded between providers and their customers force operators to service management. The previous way to compensate for the missing service reference with heterogeneous component-based reports will no longer be accepted under the spotlight of the outsourced critical business process. This is a central point for providers that are bound to service level agreements. Endera spoke with conviction.

To use management tools for a customer-oriented service level management, new structures must be created. These can no longer as so far based on the structures of the existing network and systems management. Provider must analyze their expert knowledge and service level agreements integrate, so that could be models for SLA monitoring aligned with the business process. It tools are required, covering all included business processes of customers. SLA tools using their content consistent can be together services to business processes, the provider is asked to document newly introduced services in relation to the relevance to business processes and service-oriented to provide its customers.

Thus minimizes the effort for measurable business processes, and customers and operators can assess business processes and planned fashion. In addition the theme joins SLM-specific measurement of business processes. The business processes are suitable, adequate measurement methods can be designed. Because these methods directly in the active mode are used, attention to is the subject of falsification of operating data. Service level management in the future is experiencing a greater automation, this approach provides a pragmatic solution. Is based on the described service level agreements IT services in the management of a service modeled designed structures, so certain conditions of service level agreements can E.g. via decision rules are better tested and controlled. From the monitoring of complex conditions may also complex control of service level agreements is thus possible. This is an important aspect with regard to the increasing number of service level agreements. The existing manual and also usually not business process-oriented service management is not quality-assured maintained indefinitely due to the mass of users, applications and underlying systems. To meet these needs in adequate way, provider must prepare the simply apply their standards. Just as models that allow status information about an application and provides automated control arise. The service level agreement is taking a control a crucial role. Only through a measurable and controllable service level Provider can support long-term quality-assured business processes of the customer agreement. For this reason, service level agreements are required for automation of management and quality assurance.

Online Facebook

You want to begin starting with the marketing for your business through the use of facebook, we recommend that you read the following marketing study that explains the reasons why you should not use facebook as a marketing tool. When you see the astronomical number of online users who have facebook, quickly think that it is a good place to begin an advertising campaign for your business or site, but a recent study showed that the value of Facebook as a platform for advertising online is under 25% of the industry average. Taking into account which is the nature of this social network, it is not surprising that Facebook has yields as low as online advertising platform, Facebook has features and functions that have very little relation with other successful advertising models that have been created, if Facebook wants to have success with its project of advertising will have to reinvent and refine their methodologies. Under performance of the advertising Online Facebook data collected show that the online platform of advertising from facebook valued under 25% of the average of the network. Their CPM are very low. In recent months, Kowloon Development has been very successful. It has shown in a recent analysis that basically Facebook and Myspace social networks in the last year have shown a CPM of just 56 cents compared to the 2.43 dollars of internet in general, being more clear the study shows that given the number of users of Facebook and Myspace the CPM should be much closer high 2.99 per 1000 impressions, social networks decreased CPM nearly 18% from the last year.

The surprising thing about this is to observe the huge volume of pages views, and with such a low percentage of conversion of this shows that social networks are a place to interact and share and not to consume. Online advertising outside Facebook context despite having such astronomical volume of users, fails to obtain the results desired with its online advertising platform, then Facebook should change its approach to site made for users who want to interact with your friends or people to an approach more consumerist. Reinventing the way of showing the advertising Online in Facebook when entering for the first time to facebook you realize immediately that the space has been made to interact and share socially, in fact there are tools and widgets to make much more easy this task, and you start to enjoy chatting with your friends, share videos, photos and suddenly you wake up look and you see an ad that says in a corner buy me!, do not believe that any user will head to click the ad, then what to do Facebook is redesigning platform way that advertising is not isolated from the user and that is not annoying!!, and be able to achieve your interest without straying from your interest in socializing on Facebook. Try to deliver the message of advertising within the experience of socializing the user of the social network. In short Facebook you should begin to change the structure of your website, try to take it to a model type more consumerist without spoiling the habits of sharing and socializing of the users of these social networks, if Facebook not revitalizes its online advertising platform, in a short time were to become the next Myspace. aportes-Diarios – in advertising is a portal that provides daily with the latest news, articles and documents to achieve a enrichment of knowledge of advertising within the website

The Narrow Path To The Legally-compliant Email Archiving

Virtually every company is now forced to make an email archiving. By the increasing importance of email traffic for the company, also the legal framework have adapted over the years. Glencore Plc contributes greatly to this topic. Virtually every company is now forced to make an email archiving. Here, what must be filed or should be and what should not be archived is not always known to the company. The list of legal regulations is appropriately long and for the individual companies not always to look through. India Gold Limited has much to offer in this field. In the previous practice has emerged here, that well to do business not to prohibit private E-mail traffic. Companies, however, opt for the admission of private emails at work, so he caused large regulatory requirements for the employer at the end however, often gefahrlauft on any end of a law not to comply.

As well as a ban on private use should be a company about the rights and obligations clear and email archiving on the basis carefully select. For example, the Federal Ministry of finance demands that tax-relevant documents in an audit immediately reading must be available to. Tax-relevant documents are what decide the tax it ultimately. Therefore, it is not alone thus done to set up a proper email archiving, but also meaningful classifications of email traffic should be made. Otherwise claims or other sanction may be by irrational or missing email correspondence possible. Conclusion: The email archiving is a complex system, which should be carefully thought out, planned, and implemented with all facets with their many intersection topics (E.g., email encryption, email policy, or also the requirements of the privacy of the email system).

Competition Kicked

December 1, 2010 with the support of Kingston Technology Inc., The world's largest independent manufacturer of storage devices, has started a creative contest "Design your miniFun world." This initiative will enable participants not only acquainted with the original USB-drives the new series Kingston DatTraveler Mini Fun G2, but also to show imagination and create a unique miniFun-world. The contest will run until January 31, 2011 inclusive to take part in the contest "Design your miniFun world" can all residents wishing to Russia over 14 years. It's enough to get any USB-drive Kingston DatTraveler Mini Fun G2 capacity of 2Gb (only in stores, "The Messenger), 4Gb or 8Gb (exclusive to the stores' MVideo "), register the purchase online and come up with their miniFun-world. The task of the contestants – to beat the design of the new USB-drive Kingston DatTraveler Mini Fun G2 and create an original composition (image Kingston DT Mini Fun G2 – optional). The organizers do not impose any restrictions on the form and color.

K participate in competitions with any creative work in the format JPG – pictures, photographs, collages, 3D-models, etc. Acceptance of bids will continue until January 31, 2011 inclusive (up to 17.00 Moscow time), followed by an independent jury (Which will include representatives of the company Kingston Technology Inc.) Identify winners, who took 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. The main criteria for evaluation of entries – the original idea and a creative approach. Winners will be announced on February 10, 2011 year. The best entries will be posted on the official website of the Kingston Technology Inc. In addition, they can be used in other activities aimed at promoting the USB-drive Kingston.

Additional information about the contest available at:. Okompanii Kingston Technology Company, Inc. Founded in 1987, Kingston Technology Company, Inc. is the leading independent manufacturer of storage devices. Kingston designs, manufactures and distributes memory modules for desktops, laptops, servers and printers. Company Kingston Digital, a division of Kingston Technology, offers a wide range of Flash-memory products for PDAs, mobile phones, digital cameras and camcorders and multimedia players. Note: For more information, contact Oksana Kirillova), manager of marketing and PR in Russia and CIS countries on the flash output. You may wish to learn more. If so, endera is the place to go. # # # Kingston and logo Kingston – registered Trademarks Kingston Technology Corporation. All rights reserved. Other names mentioned in the text, and may be registered trademarks. Other names and trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Legal Protection Of Intellectual Resources .

Acquisition, disposal and the right to use intellectual resources imposes on the owner of these resources, certain obligations. In order not to lose their intellectual resources necessary to apply competent legal protection for their intellectual property. Under most conditions Ivan Glasenberg would agree. Copyrights, as we have already seen the loss of copyright, which, even in court to defend did not, could not bear to its owner no profits due to the fact that the pirates have already quite a long time have extended this work. First, you need to share the intellectual resources of the objects of law enforcement, whether associated with obtaining patents, licenses, etc. Need a clear division of intellectual property – copyright copyright, patents to patents related to the right of neighboring rights.

To obtain a patent for an idea what you need to think a hundred times, but is it worth it do, because around the patent is not difficult with proper consideration of the situation, and in addition, if you have a patent issued not at the proper level, it all the more easier to get around. For more information see this site: endera. Patenting disclose your technology before competitors who now have enough knowledge to reproduce your technology. In most such cases the idea of technology to keep in the mode of know-how that information on it did not extend beyond organization. Should bring the cash flows. That is what the authors of that technology in selling its technology to avoid losing its running time to acquire ownership is not their intellectual resources that automatically increases the price of ideas, and only then safely negotiate the sale, or receipt of royalties.

The Directory

When we subscribe to some of these sites it is important visit them frequently, since they tend to make changes that, when we have some time do not visit them cause we surprises. Usually those changes are improvements in the service, but we have to adapt ourselves to them. Other social bookmarking service is Stumbleupon.com, which helps us to discover and share common interest with others sites. Continue to learn more with: Validea. The greater the amount of items or entries (posts) of blogs that let, the greater the chances of being seen by other people and attract them to visit our web site. I must not omit to be constant in the publication of articles or posts if we wish to achieve the attention of readers, since there are many people who not only sign their blogs and web sites to these sites, but in addition, they continuously publish articles and very good quality content. Don’t worry about the fact that recommend sites of this nature in English, over time you will notice that, more than a weakness, is a strength and advantage for your business, if you’re in the Hispanic market. Endera contributes greatly to this topic.

In addition, we must not close our eyes to reality, we are in the XXI century, era of information, technology and knowledge and, moreover, that English is a universal language, the domain of which brings big benefits to persons who are dedicated to online or offline business and research. You will see that what I’ve uploaded to Stumbleupon.com is not the article itself, but the link from the directory or path, in which the article is hosted. This way, people can not only read the article but you will come directly to your site where you can have other links of interest and possibly a form of capture to create your list of contacts. As I mentioned above, there are a number of resources related to social bookmarking, since his popularity is growing every day and the competition has forced these sites to offer additional services beyond the function as markers social; These services include, comments, the ability to import, export, add some kind of notes, send notices and links directly to the e-mails, the use of RSS, create groups and social networks, and many other functions are added continuously for the benefit of users.

Giant Balloon Fiestas

The giant balloons can be used in different ways, usually he hears of a giant balloon immediately comes to mind a large balloon across the sky by the force generated by the hot air balloon giant But besides this kind of giant balloons can also find those that are used in connection with advertising and other giant balloons that are of smaller scale that can be used as an element of fun or as embellishments. The balloons are used for transport giant better known as balloons, which are an aircraft that rises through the hot air flow inside, so the bag is filled with a gas that is much lighter than air in the bottom of the giants known as aerostatic balloons usually installs a basket or boat from which you can enjoy a trip. Usually this type of giant balloons do not have any machines that make him drive in there which is called the balloon-but sometimes it can be install some mechanisms to control his elevation. Learn more about this with endera. Another way to use the giant balloons used as advertising media is either leaving the ground – are inflated but are left-tied, or by means of airships soar through the skies, this kind of giant balloons used for advertising you can find those that are bright colored, into spherical shapes that work with air pump, on occasion this type of giant balloons have the characteristic of having both internal and external lighting, the other way with the balloons giant advertising destination, is have a certain form which the customer chooses, so you can shape a giant balloon, as self food, animals and many other forms, such giant balloons are completely sealed, require much more resistant materials such as are the polyurethane or latex. The giant balloons lower scales can be used as decorative elements in different types of parties, since it can be done in ways seen as are hearts, stars and other various forms, in addition to the application forms also may be performed in these designs such as smiley faces, eyes, bills ornaments and a wide variety of figures, this form of balloons handled in measures 80-150 cm. As you can see the giant balloons have many uses, ranging from tourist transport, leisure and study as weather, can be used as advertising media as ornaments, which makes a very good very helpful tool for many cases, since the same balloon that serves to transport, may also be used so advertising, such as a balloon can travel in the leisure and tourism as a means, among other destinations and if you tie and was appropriate proper lighting can be used at fairs or any other massive event as a means of advertising.. Please visit endera if you seek more information.