REIKI Energy

Reiki unlock the repressed emotions, releases what we don’t need and strengthens our self-esteem, causing relaxation, vitality and greater energy what is Reiki? It is a therapy which consists of the placement of the hands on the patient, for the channelling of the healing energies. It works on all levels; Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Through the use of energy REIKI is healthy and balances the body, mind, emotions and spirit. What I feel in a therapy? In general, patients tend to feel heat, cold, tingling, discomfort, strain and tingling and deep relaxation. None of these reactions has real importance in terms of healing; However, deliver valuable information to the reikista, you need to know to observe and interpret these phenomena. What benefits do I get? It revitalises both body and soul. Resets the spiritual balance and mental well-being.

It works on all levels, body-mind – soul-spirit. Aligns the energies of the body. Libera repressed emotions and energy blockages taking you to a State of total relaxation. It reduces the side effects of all kinds of treatments, including chemotherapy. It cleanses the body of toxins. It stimulates the immune system. It is ideal for people that suffer from stress and anxiety. It can be used to help plants and animals.