Scientific Knowledge

I understand that this tool is basic part for the construction of new knowing recontruo of practical the pedagogical ones therefore from the moment that the world recognizes that the knowledge is an intellectual capital, professore, agents of tranformao, also needs to recognize it and to use it in our universities and using the scientific research as part of this process of the new to know, of a new methodology for the formation of acedmicos compromised to the seriousness and reality of the studies, becoming the intelligible world by means of interpretations commanded by means of the mutual subordination between enunciated where if it seats the scientific knowledge. (TEIXEIRA, 2005:91) 3. The RESEARCH AS PEDAGOGICAL TOOL Is disciplines many them where the expositiva lesson is necessary, many times becoming difficult the use of other pedagogical tools for one better recital. Additional information at Jenna Fischer supports this article. But it fits to the professor the creativity and knowledge of cause to insert one of the best tools, the research. This tool allows to the interaction of the pupil, transforming it into an active, participativo pupil.

It it allows to the nip of the relation professor-pupil, pupil-book, pupil with meioa cadmico and even though with the society. One of the research segments is of field, and in this manner we allow to the pupil the interaction with the practical one, the reality and later of ownership of some data, transform the classroom into debate field, workshops, seminaries, workshops, etc. The hypotheses for one search placed in classrooms trace a north to be followed by the pupil, therefore, to search themselves, we need the problem and, from the essential readings previously suggested by the professor this pupil starts to add new knowledge, to accumulate more questions, therefore the doubts and opinions will appear. Ent is formed plus a plan of lessons for several other lessons, is extremely enrriquecedora the tool ' ' pesquisa' '.