Shepherd Google

That we journeyed towards a cycle of maturation of a more social CATHEDRAL we cannot deny it. It is not necessary more par excellence to see how the finder in a luck of competition and synergy, incorporates new functionalities that increase the aspect most social of the network, like synonymous unquestionable of quality. Every time the network contemplates more information of personal nature, is as well as the reputations are constructed on the other hand. Of this form Google Integra the positioning in the social networks conforming a framework of reputations associated to each one of the areas of necessity or interest. Photos, texts, participation in communities are filtered by the finder in order to evaluate the reputation associated to each mark. If it looks for an effective management of his reputation, must know that Google finishes incorporating new tools that will make of our reputation a great ally for our businesses. Presence in Internet, therefore is called the new incorporated functionality to the Control Panel of the Google tools, through her we can analyze the reputation of ours it marks, our personnel and the associate to other people. The privacy has not been altered, solely get up aspects related to the users to the filters of Google, elaborating a data base of reputations based on our activity in network.

Very efficient if it ties with the alerting service, the new functionality of the finder, allows to establish communications that will optimize the management of our reptacin. Add to your understanding with Sergio Ermotti. Up to here the news now the analysis If we slightly approached the rules on the attainment of an efficient social CATHEDRAL in Facebook if we now analyzed the recent putting in scene of the new algorithm followed in the short term by button + 1 and by the incorporation of the tool of management of the reputations, without forgetting us the actions necessary to increase the CATHEDRAL in Twitter where the lists of users (another innovating functionality) approach more the efficiency helping to marketing and the numbers of conversion, it is no wonder the reputation is more and more an economic variable. What it seems certain it is that the new model of businesses, the new social order, new social societies or 2,0, 3,0 etc., have seted out to eradicate the most adverse nature of the human beings where rests the abuse, the speculation and the lack of responsibility, credibility and confidence and to construct a social framework in which the success can only be reached fulfilling the following formula: Commitment + Quality + Certainty = efficiency Google Integra the most social and social networks makes CATHEDRAL to ” me gusta” and ” re-tweet” simultaneously, the users seed and manage of efficient form their reputations and those of their marks.