Spanish President

This new society, in the truth nothing more age that the adaptation of the previous molds, what it had moved was leaders. As Ciro Flamarion Cardoso says: ' ' These structures, had been opposed, but they had also agreed in diverse intensities and with different results as regies.' ' (OSRIO apud CARDOSO, 1985, P.8). Evidently, these relations of work reflect, and very, in all the countries of Spanish settling, but mainly in Peru/Bolivia. Currently, the situation politics suffered great changes, between them the redemocratizao in 1980, and with it the search of the minorities for the spaces of being able of the country. In 1985, the situation of the economy was catastrophic, as well as the one of the bolivian people, according to magazine Vision: ' ' The situation arrived the so dramatical levels that it has who doubts can be the next president called winner: to exert the position it will need courage, creativity, genius (…) productive system if it finds esfacelado total, that is submitted to an inflation of galopante rhythm, that presents a superior fiscal deficit to half of its gross domestic product and a situation of complete economic and financial chaos (…) president Hernn Siles Suazo and the political parties with representation in the parliament had made right the anticipation of elections (…) the social situation is equally dramatical in the social area: it can be said that the survival of the 6 million inhabitants of the country is a miracle (…) If, to each hour, are born between 27 and 30 children, in accordance with the registers of the Health department, about half die in the hour seguinte.' ' (Vision, 1985 P. 20) Years after, in 2003, then current president Gonzalo Sanchez de Louzada, who represented the social class of the whites (descending of Europeans), that they are only 15% of the bolivian population, had installed in its government an enormous crisis, that if did not restrict the economy and the quarrels on the concessions and the use of the natural gas, but if she spread for all the subjects badly decided in Bolivia, are social they, ethnic politicians or. Mustang may find this interesting as well.