Sports Boxing

Remember how fighting in the ring by professionals. They do not always boxing at high speed and after a dramatic start reducing turnover, restoring power. And finally, one more tip, if you want to work with a bag house. Choose softer bag – such shells can still weigh a lot, but to be more voluminous. Bag on the hard to hit with full force is not always convenient and, occasionally, bodily injury wrist and fingers.

Therefore, the body will signal an intuitive and force of the blow will fall. And when working on the bag to combine both weak and accented beats, the latter preferably hit with maximum force and full inclusion. Boxing pear develops high-speed Methods of endurance training. It's simple – try to work on the pear in the high-speed mode, causing occasional accented beats. Pear like a sack – the weight of its much more than pnevmogrushi. However, in Unlike the bag, the amplitude of movement pears much more, and you have an additional opportunity to practice strokes on the move. Pnevmogrusha on extensions develops a reaction, precision strikes, speed technique training.

The first way – to strike at different angles, resulting in a pear chaotic dvizhenie.Posle this clearly trying to hit the shell. The second way – to strike directly, resulting in a pear dvizheniepo one axis (ie, the projectile will move in a straight back and forth). To do this we need to clearly get the shock of his fist around the center of the pear. Thus trains precision strikes and accumulating the correct formulation of the fist. Tennis ball stretched on ropes Develops response, precision strikes, speed technique training. This shell resembles pnevmogrushu on extensions, but you can work with him in a different way. Try not to simply disperse the ball and hit the him, and dodge the bullet. You can try a variety of options for protection – dive, slope, leaving the rear or side. Ideal training – a blow, defense, attack, defense. In addition to these shells, in boxing there are many others. Most common: wall pad, dummy (pear in human form), pnevmogrusha, feet, etc. More information can be found at online magazine Sports Boxing.