Successful Transactions

What successful transactions today are what buyers "distinguished" – were very pleased with the claims or vice versa, what new products customers ask, of what there is in store; Staff are receptive to information relevant to your business: what are the prices and products from competitors, some interesting promotional pieces they have seen something read or heard. Employees seek out and share with you these valuable information. Agree, one of your head – well, as the heads of all employees – better! To illustrate these ideas give you a phrase that contains, perhaps, all the books on personnel management "team leadership – a process of continuous exchange of information between the subject and the object of conscious leadership to their impact on each other. " By the way, do not overlook the issue of obtaining and transmitting information. Collective needs awareness and feedback. Because the flaw in this case creates a fertile ground for speculation, rumors, misunderstandings, stupid work, and information leakage – the psychological compatibility of the collective can be easily destroyed and nadolgo.Podytozhim: what affects the psychological climate of the team? – Leadership style (democratic, authoritarian, and sometimes heavy-handed and, and "pofigistichny":) – the psychological compatibility of people – the knowledge and proper use of people dispositions – the correct and fair distribution of responsibilities and rewards – working conditions, taking into account the physiological needs of the people in power, security, microclimate, hygiene, comfort – Macro: the situation in society, politics, world, country, etc. – job satisfaction (sales of professional and creative potential, resulting in career growth of employees) – character Hours: stressful or monotonous, demanding concentration, high responsibility, and empathy or emotional risks to life and health, active or sedentary – Organization of joint activities: each know what task it performs, why and with what he asked. As we see, on some of these factors, you are able to influence, on the other – no. We can say that a good climate in the team has a positive effect on loyalty and motivation.