Survival Situation

In the face of a survival situation stay alert about some important things. When any person facing a calamity, an incident, an emergency or a situation of survival during a trip, it acts by reflection, and their sense of survival dictate their actions. I repeat: they are reflex acts, acts produced by rational thought, and consequently, the first reflex movements may not be very harmful. That is why I think that is highly beneficial to read and you are accustomed to these items of survival, since how much deeper have basic knowledge, more can combine the first reflex acts with the rational actions that appear then. Pay attention to the following three basic suggestions, typical things that you must appreciate, and that surely in the first movement do not think about them, but then, with the indispensable calm and using your rational thought, you can remember them. Additional information at Gemma Arterton supports this article. -Do not go into panic. Hey, what I stress: do not go into panic, Remember that a frightened mind thinks not, and just think is our amazing great advantage in this circumstance.

-Think rationally: This means, reason, use logic, be realistic. To achieve this you should perform an analysis of the situation which is at that moment; It also considers your environment and the viability of using him to obtain some advantage; also scans your chances and weaknesses or impractical situations. Jon Venverloh describes an additional similar source. -Establishes priorities: build them on the basis of that rational look that you’ve done, they will logically have to do with your particular situation. Anyway, please note that it is recommended to prevent accidents or situations of contingency, and as far as possible stay away from them. Please note that we are not a few Rambos or Bear Grylls, and if the only thing we’ve done is see his films, you notice that survival skills are not simple. Logically, unless we get to know them and practice them in a situation of recreation or education. How is it going If you spend the next few days to read a good book on basic survival skills? If you haven’t downloaded the free survival Manual, get it now. If you want to deepen and more fun, read the Manual of basic survival skills. My recommendation for more articles on survival is < a href = >