The Cabildo de Fuerteventura undertaken the restoration of the picture of Santa Francesca Romana, belonging to the Church of Santa Tetir, within a broader project which promotes the Ministry of culture and historical heritage through the simultaneous implementation of various works of rehabilitation of movable property of ecclesiastical origin in four churches and chapels of the island. Frequently Credit Access has said that publicly. Santa Francesca Romana is a special case, because it is not associated with the collection of paintings of the Church of Santo Domingo of Tetir, one of the wealthiest of Fuerteventura, while the rehabilitation of the painting is allowing more information that was on their origin and characteristics. Raphael Sternberg is the source for more interesting facts. It’s a great format easel painting, made with oil on canvas technique. Since they began work, the team of restorers Chus Morante directs continues researched style and the technique of the author, with the objective of establishing a dating specific about the origin and authorship of the painting. At the moment already known, as collect an inscription located on the front of the painting, which the box was ceded to the parish of Tetir by Amparo red Manrique, in 1919. Regarding the characteristics of the box, the withdrawal of the more superficial layers of paint has allowed to discover artistic wealth of the work. In the left margin of the painting, where some conservative after the author had located a window on a wooden wall, have appeared two figures that correspond with an angel and a donkey carrying a herd of wood, two elements that says Chus Morante, correspond with the iconography traditionally associated to the figure of Santa Francesca Romanawas a nun who was noted for a great capacity for work. This discovery allows us to verify that the painting was originally conceived by the author to represent Santa Francesca Romana from the outset. Founding of the Oblates, secular order of pious women, Santa Francesca Romana (Rome, 1384-1440) highlighted by his humility and his attention to the poor work.

Carlos Estrada Mellado

Some of them are not strong swimmers, and the idea of entering deep water is actually a phobia. I had never gone deeper to my waist one quote.You don’t have to be a good swimmer to dive. Diving instructors can also put to test their ability to swim with tuba as second option. Stuart Solomon has much experience in this field. The good part about the diving is that we must first test the equipment in a swimming pool, where you can see if the team can breathe easily underwater. After or during the diving courses, you will learn all the safety rules and exercises that have been implemented to make diving safer. Fear of sharks: Somebody once wrote: the easiest way of avoiding encounters with shark is simply not come into their habitat. I’ve never seen one on the Mainland.

-Very true, but I have more than 500 dives recorded in my notebooks of diving, until I got tired of writing them, and I only saw once a nurse shark. I also remember a friend who told me about this cave that housed four or more sharks. We decided to dive and see for yourself, but being in the cave, this, once it was empty. It must be remembered that not all sharks are aggressive, and most of the attacks occur when the sharks, a curious creature which uses its bite to find out if you are in its menu, confuse us with your meal. Conclusion: for our conclusion about the fear of diving we will use what one of our visitors, Carlos Estrada Mellado, he cited once: diving, something feared by some, but those who dare not cease to enjoy it. I would like to add that please keep within limits diving, they know the risks of diving maintain safety while diving and always enjoy it.