Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy In the times of today the nuclear energy is an controversial subject, base of many debates and quarrels between the countries, in essential the current scene that the planet if finds and to the quarrel of other power plants that can be efficient without harming the environment. The nuclear energy today already is part of our day the day, and its areas of application are innumerable, as for example, in the area of the health if it became common if to make an examination of rays-x or also if to make x-ray for the treatment of the cancer. It is certain that the use of the nuclear energy is each time growing more, mainly in the generation of electric energy where its application calls much the attention the countries for being a form to generate relatively cheap and efficient electricity, but also it can be extremely dangerous. The nuclear plants have a cost raised for the construction and maintenance, but in the long run if it becomes a cheap energy therefore the amount of substance used cousin is minimum and very cheap, moreover polui the atmosphere and thus does not contribute for the effect greenhouse. In space question the nuclear plants very require a lesser area that a thermoelectrial plant and the reserves of nuclear energy are very bigger that the fsseis fuel reserves beyond that the nuclear plants make possible greater energy independence for the import countries of oil and gas. The use of the nuclear energy can in such a way be a solution how much a problem, history already was marked by the horrors that the inadequate use of this energy caused, therefore beyond being used for beneficial ends, can be used for the creation of weapons of destruction in mass capable to sweep cities of the map in few seconds. Another negative aspect that implies the use of the nuclear energy that also already was evident in history is the accidents that result in radioactive material release that can be loaded for the winds and to reach a great area of extension being modified the environment reached with one all and also to harm health of the people and in high doses can take the death. The nuclear energy for the production of electric energy can be the solution of some problems, but first the man must have conscience of its implications, and then when the scientific inquiry to demonstrate to the inexistence of damages and impacts for the beings livings creature and the environment, to use it for the good..