Christian Fluhr

Fluhr had completely fulfilled its target, because originally only 36 runs were planned, however, the German athletes made a pressure point in the late afternoon to create. The Alpine skier complained of severe pain in his left foot, but largely were removed after the crossing of the Oberaudorfer high angle by a ski shoe. We have stripped the hard Rennschuh Christian and replaced with a softer. Christian now moves to save a series ski further rather than a World Cup skiing a little force. Otherwise the record in danger would.” Said Deputy Team Chief Walter Mayer after the skiing shoe. Through the pain, even the Schedule came a little messed up. Christian Fluhr lost valuable time, but continuously battled through the night.

12 hours after the start he had German more than 35,000 meters behind. The softer slopes at the Oberaudorfer high angle, the once fresh was prepared until midnight by the slope service, Fluhr eased the way towards new record. Toughest record Centre at night, to shortly after two, the old record was set then. Still, many guests in the apres ski restaurant Almrausch “on the celebrated Valley station of the high-speed railway and have witnessed the recent record of Fluhr. After a short reception he re-wound further down his program. The effort was to remember him but clearly and it was already clear in the setting of the old records that Fluhr could no longer manage the envisaged 55.555 altitude.

On Wednesday morning, 14.01.09, a visibly exhausted skier then went to shortly after 8: 00 finish. 53.577 altitude stood at the end on the credit side. Christian Fluhr said at the presentation ceremony: this is truly not a birthday. This is the hardest thing I’ve done ever on skis. I am really tired and ready. I want only to bed.” After breakfast, Christian Fluhr disappeared quickly in his hotel room to sleep in.

Hannes Rechenauer

And if the 2 branches are open, this is a wild chase of altitude meters. The view can not be worse than it is today, it can be only better. But it really needs no soup of fog with visibility of 20 meters on January 13. That would bring almost certainly the record project to fail.” According to the plans, the skier must complete 4 rides in the hour in Kossen in to achieve the target by 55.555 in 24 hours. 3. enter in Oberaudorf to the check in Kossen the second part took place on the same evening at the Oberaudorfer high corner. Bobby bland contains valuable tech resources. The snow cannons in the ski area at full speed ran at the arrival. Hannes Rechenauer, Managing Director of leisure facilities at the Hocheck, added: we still really give gas, because we want the 3rd world record on the corner of high.

I can give now go-ahead for part of the night, the runway at the high corner Express is for the projects of the world record in a week ready and in perfect condition.” After 2004 and 2005 the home on the outskirts of Kufstein will be the third world record company, on the Oberaudorfer Mountain takes place. I know why I me again Oberaudorf picked out. There is hardly an area that has such a perfect flood light slope. Somehow break is in the last 2 years getting to home. after a small” Fluhr is looking forward to the world record.

In Oberaudorf, Christian Fluhr is the topic again. Down pub and on the road is the native from the winter sports stronghold discussed about the athletes,”comes Oberhausen in the Ruhr area. I was already with the records in Zell am see, Obergurgl and Landgraaf Christian on the road, but something like this I have not witnessed yet. Here everyone seemingly knows Christian and very Oberaudorf seems to stand behind him. Hardly a minute goes by, where it is not recognized.” Finally about the current team leader Dr. Christian Schmidt to his experiences in Oberaudorf. Mental strength will be further traveling Fluhr in the coming days in the two world record ski resort in Oberaudorf and Kossen, the two slopes if possible and to know and tell to conclude: the 55.555 are certainly a completely new challenge, which leads me to my limits will be. I have trained much and am mentally so strong how long no longer, but the reason for this is private. Who wants to know more I suggest the a visit from my homepage. Already, there are many more information about the record projects. Part of a record everything is currently on my page in the live-ticker read.

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