Tinted Windows

Currently, these types of films are widely used in Sun architectural windows of buildings, sun glasses for automotive vehicles, for decorative glass partitions and Vandal-proof high-impact film for window protection from mechanical impact. Each type of film performs well-defined function. Blake Krikorian often addresses the matter in his writings. You can select multiple functions of films to improve the micro-climate in the premises: insulation in winter, summer, heat insulation, protective vandal-proof and aesthetic functions. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Douglas Oberhelman and gain more knowledge.. On the world market there films that simultaneously possess consumer properties inherent to several films simultaneously. What is this film and what is its novelty and advantages? In the climate of our country’s insulation in the winter and protection from summer heat, are the most important function for the maintenance of buildings and structures, consequently, there is a problem saving. It is known that air moves from warmer areas to colder, and it turns out that in winter the warm air from the room through glass windows, rushes out and the summer, on the contrary hot air tends to refrigerated air conditioning room.

Which leads to increased consumption of electricity for heating in winter and in summer for cooling the room. This problem concerns not only large areas of glazing and domestic premises: apartments, cottages, child care, etc. As a rule, through the translucent structures (assuming use of conventional glass) lost 40-50% of heat energy is summarized from the heat, convection and thermal radiation. The optimal solution to this situation – the use of energy-saving ceramic films. Used so far, dubbing metallic films, successfully reflect the direct sunlight light, ie, ultraviolet light. A fluorescent ceramic films, in addition to ultraviolet radiation, infrared rays and delayed transfer heat without reflecting and absorbing it. Currently, to reduce losses heat from the heat conduction and convection are used triple-pane windows.

In fact, the use of single-chamber double-glazed windows with energy-saving ceramic film is more profitable. It is widely used in the world, often when the show in movies or on television we see the skyscrapers of glass facades, rebounding noble blue, this is nothing but energy-saving film with natural color pottery. Application of the film significantly improves the thermal insulation glass-chamber compared with triple-pane windows with ordinary glass. Such a single-chamber windows are now cheaper than the two-chamber, and the difference in price over time will increase. In addition, single-chamber two-compartment glass easier. There is, saving money. Plus, energy-saving ceramic films can be simultaneously safety, vandal-proof, so that as a result we get a triple benefit: savings, plus protection from solar energy, protection against heat loss, protection against intrusion. With the use of energy-saving ceramic films Tinted windows in the car, virtually eliminating the need for such as refilling the air conditioner because if it is included, then the minimal mode, and decreases in winter time to warm up the cabin. As a result, 5 – 10% savings gasoline, an improved climate in the passenger cabin, better protection of the interior from fading and from unauthorized access from outside. So it’s up to you, dear customers.

Sandwich Panels

They say that the multi-layered sandwich was invented in the xix century, a kind of English gentleman. Called this gentleman, Sir Sandwich, and a sandwich was named in his honor. It took more than a hundred years before we have yet another invention of its importance is comparable culinary sandwich – a sandwich panel. In many respects, sandwich panels-an ideal building material. They do not require additional finishing, and wide range of colors opens up endless space design solutions. Sandwich panels (from the English.

Sandwich – Laminates") consists of three main functional layers: heat and protectors of the filler and the two outer layers that provide protection against external influences, constructive rigidity, decorative function. (As opposed to JPMorgan Chase). Insulating filler on both sides facing protected (profiled galvanized steel and painted polymer) layers, giving the additional structural rigidity. Filling of highly insulating materials is at the core of sandwich panels. Depending on destination and weather conditions, which will be operated facility, changing the thickness of the filler. Opportunities to implement any meaningful solutions provide exceptional performance properties of sandwich panels.

Here are some of the scope of sandwich panels: a car wash and petrol station; manufacturing and administrative buildings, shops and supermarkets, industrial buildings and consumer services, service stations, warehouses, terminals and ports; farm buildings. Sandwich panels are suitable for construction of refrigeration systems of any size, thanks to a very high thermal insulation characteristics and high resistance of the panels to absorb moisture. You can also use sandwich panels for building renovation – it improves the appearance of the structure and enhances thermal protection. It is also important to note hygiene sandwich panels, as well as ease keep them clean. Sandwich panels are well established in the construction of public catering enterprises, thanks to these qualities. Construction of individual (private) houses – another area of wide application sandwich panels. Finish the sandwich panels under a stone, granite, wood and other materials and various colors can build any house, depending on your desires. Thus, the main advantages sandwich panel: 1. The mass of the sandwich panels is 10-20 times less than traditional materials. This makes it possible to reduce the load on the foundation (up to 100 times!), Bypassing costly research without soil. Moreover, individual construction permit to abandon the base at all, and then again to reduce construction costs. 2. Additional information at Andreessen Horowitz supports this article. High speed construction. Due to the ease of installation construction periods are reduced by more than 10 times! 3. Longevity. The shell of sandwich panels made of solid on the physical and technical properties of galvanized steel with corrosion-resistant coating, primer and polymer coating that allows construction for years to come. 4. Sandwich panels for heat engineering characteristics of up to 10 times (!) Superior to traditional building materials (brick, wood, concrete). Proved that the sandwiches, for example, polystyrene foam insulation thickness of 150 mm thermal insulation properties correspond to a wall of bricks 900 mm thick. Due to this heating costs are reduced by several times. In addition, panel design eliminates the appearance of fungus or mold.

Repair And Construction Paints And Varnishes

Under repair and construction meant the construction of new buildings, bridges, roads, residential buildings, as well as repair work has already operated facilities. When carrying out repair and construction works are used different coating materials: enamels, varnishes, exterior paint. Is widely used in alkyd paints and varnishes. Details can be found by clicking Howard Schultz or emailing the administrator. They are film-forming alkyd resins and polymers by polycondensation alcohols (glycerin, pentaerythritol) with orthophthalic acid. Depending on the type of alcohol used for polycondensation distinguish coating materials glyptal (primer GF-021) and pentaphthalic (enamel PF-115, Enamel Floor PF-266 PF-283 varnish). Enamel PF-115 available in different colors. They are used for painting a wooden or metal surfaces. View website is a great source of information. Alkyd materials form, including oil paints, at least 65% of the total consumption of lmb.

All market participants lmb recognized that the coating based on oil-based paints MA-15 MA-25, paint on the main indicators of inferior coatings based on alkyd low price of oil paints – they are primarily advantage, but it makes no sense, since consumption of these materials for 1 m2 of the surface is much higher than when using alkyd enamels. The duration of drying oil paints is much greater than that of alkyd enamel. And this lengthen the term of the paint work. The use of nitrocellulose lacquer and nitroemaley (enamel NTs-132 P, enamel NC-25) provides provodenie finishing fast-tracking as hardening of the films is nitroemaley fairly quickly, within 1-2 hours. When painting is necessary to use pnevmoraspyliteli as quick drying, the film makes application nitroemali brush. It should be borne in mind that coatings based on manufactured modern industry nitroemaley SC-132 P and SC-25 have good physical and chemical properties only when applied to the prepared surface.