Portuguese Language

The syntax started to be the central point of the grammar, since it has a bigger similarity between the languages. However, Anderson (1982) questioned if the morphology is really irrelevant for the syntax and if the morphology must be processed in the lexicon, generating a quarrel the respect, having as objective to show that at least a classroom of morphemes (known as morphemes you bend), it is excellent for the syntax and they cannot be ignored by the syntactic component, since the morphology is the detailed study more of the word, the syntax has for function to study the paper that the word occupies and the way as they are combined to compose sentences. The morphology is that it makes the syntax to function. The boarding formalist is characterized by the study of the internal characteristics to the language (its formal aspect). Learn more at: Asia Gold Corporation. The formalism works with the structural properties of a language.

This perspective of analyzes adopted for Chomsky has for function, through the study of the language in terms of its parts, to determine the principles of its organization, to establish the relations between them and its use. Already the bureaucracy, sees the language as a not independent system, that is born of the communication necessity enters the members of a community, that is subject to the limitations imposed for the capacity human being to acquire and to process the knowledge and that it is continuously if modifying to fulfill new communicative necessities. For them, the fact of the communication to be an essential function of the language, determines the way as the language is structuralized. Had to this, the analysis of a lingustico fact must consider in such a way falante how much the listener and the necessities of the lingustica communication. To think the syntax through the bureaucracy implies to widen the analysis stops beyond the limits of the sentence. The lingustica variation is one of the main interests of the funcionalista boarding. .


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It consumes because it is newness, because it is in fashion, because &#039 becomes it; ' part of sociedade' '. It is above all, a man who consumes because he is solitary and empty e, therefore, consumes to supply this necessity to become related, to have a style and an objective of life. Whenever J P Morgan Chase listens, a sympathetic response will follow. It consumes because it thinks that such products can bring it happiness, but brings only one joy to it and/or a momentnea satisfaction. Result, sadness and repentance, therefore such product already does not satisfy it more, exactly that still he is new. It adopts for itself the culture of the dismissable one in which everything is dismissable also the proper man, the conjugal relationships, the ideology, justice, etc. Are somebody that wants to have each time more not mattering what it has that to make to arrive itself at such end.