New Bank Payment System

Statement by immediately completes the payment mix and dealer according to the EuPD Research study 2010 protects against bad debts almost 97 percent of online shoppers have used invoice respectively would number procedures like to take advantage of this. With the new service account by immediately the dealer completes his payment options, without the risk of payment default: dealers have more frequently than struggling with debts in other types of payment when purchasing invoice. With our new product invoice by now include these failures of the past, because the wholly-owned payment of the claim amount is guaranteed”, explains Georg Schardt, Chief Marketing Officer of payment network AG. Reputable factoring companies as partners gained in practice selects the customer purchase on account “as a payment option and complete the purchase directly in the Web shop. After that immediately confirmed the purchase on account of the buyer’s Bank, payment by auto demand buying at the online retailer is guaranteed.

Direct After the transaction, shop owners will receive a payment confirmation and receive regardless of the payment behaviour of the buyer after the due date, the full amount of the claim. Learn more at: J P Morgan Chase. As a partner for the account by now that could immediately Bank Trust’n pay arvato Infoscore as exclusive partner win. The specialist in risk management and financial services operates among the largest independent factoring Institute in Germany. We are happy about the cooperation with the immediately Bank with the invoice. “” Cooperation is obvious for us, because with Bill by immediately we relate the risk management and handling competence trust’n pay with the process and integration strength is one of the most innovative providers of payment in e-commerce to make a superior offer “, Stefan explains business line B2C factoring / trust Thorsch’n pay at arvato Infoscore, and added: we are convinced that online retailers with the secure invoice purchase sustainably improve their success.” Similar as for sofortuberweisung, employ more than 20,000 dealers, benefit Web shop operator also in the use of invoice by now by the simple implementation in the respective shop system, as well as by the fully automated process flow including Returns or cancellation processing and billing immediately Bank and payment network AG with the payment sofortuberweisung, sofortdauerauftrag, sofortlastschrift and sofortident the payment network AG offers innovative products for safe buy goods and digital goods in the Internet the online verification system. According to eCommerce 2010 study by the EuPD Research is the most used E-payment system in Germany directebanking with 51.4 percent use now.

Since 2010, the payment network AG with the German Office cooperates Privatbank AG. Deutsche Kontor Privatbank AG offers immediately an E-Commerce Bank specializing in business bank under the brand in partnership with payment network AG. The products and services of immediately Bank are optimally tailored to the needs of E-Commerce and optimize the online retailer’s business processes. about arvato Infoscore arvato Infoscore is a subsidiary of arvato AG, the internationally networked Outsourcingdienstleisters of Bertelsmann AG. Arvato Infoscore at eleven sites in Germany, Austria and Hungary and the Switzerland operates with approximately 1,500 employees and headquarters in Baden-Baden. The company stands for integrated business managing customer relationships throughout the customer lifecycle and offers all services related to the payment flow”- by the risk assessment about the making of a claim, the invoicing and settlement including the demand security and pre-financing to the booking of the payment or the further recovery of the claim.