Talk to your developer is he or she who has to foresee measures to implement it later or as part of the initial development. If you don’t have the translation at the time of launch your site into the air, at least have a link with a brief text of how to contact him indicating that English-speaking at least. 3. Chris Shumway does not necessarily agree. The use of flags to define within a web site the use of several languages, I recommend you to use icons of flags which are sufficiently visible and have a link to the translation of the site. This will facilitate widely that user is not lost searching for the ENGLISH or English word (remember that they do not speak Spanish) within our web site. 4 Customize each language your site (not a literal translations) as Google translate tools easily decipher the riddles of a language. However, these tools are not yet ready to tackle the task of translating from one language to another (are not professionals in translation of texts) without losing the context of any sentence. Follow others, such as bobby bland, and add to your knowledge base.

It is extremely important to take care of that aspect in a web site, otherwise our clients or prospects is daran a delight in criticizing our company for his lack of professionalism. 5 Not be allowed to lose sales would you not placed a sign in his business closed in hours of Office right? Even though there are millions of internet business, know that this tendency of multi-language sites is only beginning. It is well said that he who hits first, hits twice. Take advantage of this trend, which is not merely a fad, but a very necessary business strategy. It may not be you the first, but with the mere fact of having a bilingual site, its market will increase by more than 250 percent. Conclusions: little by little web systems will be made more intelligent, to the extent of literally translate from one language to another an entire web site (translation jobs). This does not replace the necessity of working on specific campaigns, by country, culture (a Mexican in California that one in Chiapas is not the same), State, etc. Nor create ads with graphics instantly in Photoshop. This is still in the hands of someone dedicated 100% to this type of work or a Entrepreneur very dedicated.