Tarot Cards

The world in the Tarot cards one of the secrets better received in tarot Chuck is the world. It is a fascinating deck, of a profound meaning, which is evident in the rich symbolism which it is expressed. The world characterized the final gateway, the consummation of the union of conscious or unconscious, the mind and body. Estracta the arrival of the person to a level of higher existence, where the ventura is a product of the harmony between the spiritual desires and material reality. It means the conciseness of a cycle. It speaks to us of immortality, which was reached thanks to the development of the self, personal maturity product of lived experiences. For starters, we can see four figures that framed the central image of the Ethereal woman.

Del toro implies mastery of the subject, the lion is the master of energy, Eagle has managed to control the time, and man manages the space. The union of these four units leads to control of the universe of things in our universe. The image of the central woman that seems to float in the air has in each hand a wand, similar to the magician. In this case, represented by the wands duplicity means progress in the control of the power and energy, controlling the positive and the negative of each thing. Without a doubt, says that the world is at the feet of the consultant leaving disclosed this letter, bringing good news.

But this victory is not a random, unlike the achievements made through the wheel of fortune, but that is a product of the actions carried out in the past. The victory comes as a result of a more or less long series of actions that the person has been doing throughout his life, and has been woven, like a living tissue with learning that the individual has been getting along the way. It is clear then that this arcane of the tarot marks the beginning of a new era, of a new stage in the life of the consultant. But, be careful. The world speaks of a triumph in the material, the concretion of material desires. It remains in the hands who consults to combine his inner world with the outer reality with harmony and happiness. Who achieves this delicate Alchemy You can call winner.