Team Manager

I should be happy because today came from the 35th position and after making a nice comeback I’ve able to recover quite a few positions in the general. Now my main objective resides in be closer Marc Coma as possible, since unfortunately Jordi Viladoms cannot do so. On the one hand I’m happy to acquire that responsibility while hate me by Jordi. I hope to live up to.

I feel very comfortable with the bike and the team so I hope that tomorrow we can repeat a performance as today’s. JORDI ARCARONS Team Manager: what now Marc has done is impressive. We must take into account that we are talking about a complicated stage in which make a difference with the front riders is almost impossible and Marc, has not only managed to win the stage, but above has done so with a difference of 5 minutes with a pilot of the stature of Cyril Despres. In these stages so complicated and difficult to negotiate is when really a great pilot makes the difference. Marc has piloted as a hurricane, admire that adverse conditions that pointed him has grown this way.

I do not I am surprised because I am aware that it is capable of this and more, but sometimes they are details that may go unnoticed to the vast majority of people. It has been a demonstration of pure talent. And if the Organization had not trimmed the stage, taking into account the rhythm which wore, I think that it would have doubled the difference.