The Circumstances

Marc Bloch conceives as audacity necessary to extend to the domain of history ' ' until the knowledge of presente' ' , being sufficiently considerable the private part the articles contemporaries in the magazine of the Annales. With effect, Bloch stirs up the historians to be leaned over on its proper time, since, inevitably, this gift is loaded of problematic multifrias that induce in them to the past, in conscientious way or not. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Alex Lynch. But, it observes, he will be that ' ' enters the knowledge of the human past and of the gift exists an opposition of techniques? ' ' It would be the knowledge of the past, in contrast of the knowledge of the gift, ' ' forcibly indireto' '? Exactly in rare favorable cases, where the direct comment becomes a privilege of investigator, hardly this would like to be ' ' witness of itself mesmo' '. Any narrative is based in things seen for others. In addition, it happens frequent that an episode, the times capital, becomes impossible to need some hours after. No historian can ' ' to give luxo&#039 to it; ' to trust the registers of its proper memory solely.

In the case of the gift, the historians do not meet so unarmed as in the past, since they could call itself, in accordance with the degree of the circumstances (assuming that alive witnesses or in conditions of being it exist), the story ' ' vivo' ' of the proper witnesses. But the metodolgica question, from most distant passed to the most immediate gift, little would distinguish in both the cases. It fits to the historian, therefore, to give the due place to the vestiges of past times. such vestiges of the past, according to conception of Bloch, were not limited to its written forms. Not only the material documents, but ' ' as much as slex cut long ago for the craftsmen of the ages of the rock, a language aspect, a rule of law incorporated in a text, a rite settled in a book of ceremonies or represented in one estela, is realities that proper we apprehend and that we explore for a strict personal effort of inteligncia' '.