The History Of Snooker

Talking about the origin of billiards is impossible to accurately establish the time of its occurrence. We only know that she, like chess, a very ancient origin, and is home to billiards Asia, according to some – India is Others – China. However, in European countries prior to their appearance principles of modern snooker already been laid in some games. On the very name of the game there are several opinions. English author John Wilk, for example, noted that the original billiard game had a name bal-uerds composed of Saxon words: bal (ball) and yerds (stick). Other sources mention that the word 'pool' is derived from the French. bille (ball).

Technical improve the billiard table at first billiard table was a lot of technical imperfections. Thus, the board were not springy and balls, hitting on them, were not reflected. Rough cues – clubs could not give the ball sideways rotation, board, on which the rolling balls, was not very smooth and solid, the game looked very primitive. Further, since the end of the xvi century, there is improvement in the billiard. Simple holes (pockets) in the sides are fitted mesh pockets, and the number of pockets successively reduced to six. Side table tamp wool, and later rubber, making them more elastic and allow better reflect the balls. Continue to learn more with: Sergey Brin. Billiard board handled more carefully. Both the board and the board began to jacket with cloth.

Gradually gave way to a short stick long cue stick, the game takes a completely different character and interest to billiards increases dramatically. Forms billiard tables billiard table Perfection also affected his form. Square, then six, octagonal and even a round table in the end gets firmly established the modern rectangular in shape, in which, regardless of the pool, maintain strict proportionality: the length of the table is always twice its width. It turned out that such a quadrangular shape, consisting of two squares, has over other forms of number of these significant advantages: it seems possible to arrange for an equal distance from each other six pockets, that is the most appropriate number, as any other number of pockets are too easy or conversely, complicates the game. During the game, it became possible to get from the long sides of any ball that is in the middle of the table. Changed and the size of billiard tables. Experience and practice have shown that the most interesting game can only be on the big pool. Improvement cue undergone changes and the cue. As mentioned above, the first cue was more like a club, but in the xix century, he finds a modern look, but the end dipped in plaster. It is not allowed player to make any movement to the ball. French player Mengo introduced an innovation – it obbil end of the cue skin, and it allowed him to do very complex beats: the ball was rotated, moved along a curved path, he suddenly stopped and rolled back. Use of billiard Billiards – a great tool rest. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Wayne Holman. It relieves accumulated tension in the first few minutes. Playing almost entirely diverted from the everyday trivialities and given exciting match. Billiards balances the emotions and produces a number of qualities required by a person in my life. He teaches the win, straining the power of faith, and overcoming resistance opponent. Billiards teach and play – Not to indulge in panic or despair or losing faith in himself.