Theater Systems

A sad fate seems to me modern cinemas. Already we can not only watch movies of excellent quality with excellent image and sound, but also a new download from the Internet by pressing a few keys on the keypad. So far, unfortunately, just not all the money allow. But once and a mobile phone was a rarity! As you understand, home theater – is the theme of my article today. The composition of home theater itself projection screen, basically, is not included – in the first place, for many it is already there, and if you buy – it is best separately, but there is a set of acoustics, AV-receiver and disc player. I do not know that such a set of techniques can be distinguished. It seems that all this is important and a good sound and video quality, competent and amplification of signals and the distribution of the columns (like is engaged in the receiver). Is that a separate line can be said about a player – yet he initially able to spoil the sound so that any subsequent treatment is not corrected.

Unfortunately, in the world right now there is no such firm, which could equally well produce and LCD TVs, and AV-receivers, and DVD-players, and speakers. Source: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. So often a home theater system is now assembled from components of various manufacturers. Again, usually, in these systems are ready TV or projector not included. Needless Of course, you can build a system to do themselves – perhaps someone could you do this poprepyatstvovat. In this case, you have to show a very serious caution and have great expertise – even production one company are rarely perfectly coordinated with each other. What can we say about the different manufacturers, whose equipment almost always has its own special character and ideology! So, if you are not a professional, it is better appeal to anyone of them for help or even advice. Let's hope that soon these lovely and romantic vestiges of the past – great theater – not extinct, but at best, be able to coexist with home in peace and cooperation – yet still it is still expensive. But it's really fun. Immerse yourself you are in this world of wonders!