Tinted Windows

Currently, these types of films are widely used in Sun architectural windows of buildings, sun glasses for automotive vehicles, for decorative glass partitions and Vandal-proof high-impact film for window protection from mechanical impact. Each type of film performs well-defined function. Blake Krikorian often addresses the matter in his writings. You can select multiple functions of films to improve the micro-climate in the premises: insulation in winter, summer, heat insulation, protective vandal-proof and aesthetic functions. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Douglas Oberhelman and gain more knowledge.. On the world market there films that simultaneously possess consumer properties inherent to several films simultaneously. What is this film and what is its novelty and advantages? In the climate of our country’s insulation in the winter and protection from summer heat, are the most important function for the maintenance of buildings and structures, consequently, there is a problem saving. It is known that air moves from warmer areas to colder, and it turns out that in winter the warm air from the room through glass windows, rushes out and the summer, on the contrary hot air tends to refrigerated air conditioning room.

Which leads to increased consumption of electricity for heating in winter and in summer for cooling the room. This problem concerns not only large areas of glazing and domestic premises: apartments, cottages, child care, etc. As a rule, through the translucent structures (assuming use of conventional glass) lost 40-50% of heat energy is summarized from the heat, convection and thermal radiation. The optimal solution to this situation – the use of energy-saving ceramic films. Used so far, dubbing metallic films, successfully reflect the direct sunlight light, ie, ultraviolet light. A fluorescent ceramic films, in addition to ultraviolet radiation, infrared rays and delayed transfer heat without reflecting and absorbing it. Currently, to reduce losses heat from the heat conduction and convection are used triple-pane windows.

In fact, the use of single-chamber double-glazed windows with energy-saving ceramic film is more profitable. It is widely used in the world, often when the show in movies or on television we see the skyscrapers of glass facades, rebounding noble blue, this is nothing but energy-saving film with natural color pottery. Application of the film significantly improves the thermal insulation glass-chamber compared with triple-pane windows with ordinary glass. Such a single-chamber windows are now cheaper than the two-chamber, and the difference in price over time will increase. In addition, single-chamber two-compartment glass easier. There is, saving money. Plus, energy-saving ceramic films can be simultaneously safety, vandal-proof, so that as a result we get a triple benefit: savings, plus protection from solar energy, protection against heat loss, protection against intrusion. With the use of energy-saving ceramic films Tinted windows in the car, virtually eliminating the need for such as refilling the air conditioner because if it is included, then the minimal mode, and decreases in winter time to warm up the cabin. As a result, 5 – 10% savings gasoline, an improved climate in the passenger cabin, better protection of the interior from fading and from unauthorized access from outside. So it’s up to you, dear customers.