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For each ecossistmico service a specific system of management exists, that includes aspects that guarantee its MRV. The systems of MRV of the agricultural proprietors and the companies of all the sectors are common. Of this form, to a direct relation between the Criteria & Used pointers to mensurar the impacts of the productive chains and rendering of services, and the benefits generated for ecosystems. This specific relation, inside of a MRV environment, that conditions the performance of the public and private agents in the transactions involving headings and/or certifyd of Natural Capital. Thus, it is the ecossistmico service that of the ballast so that the agricultural companies and proprietors can evaluate its ambient debits and credits, and to do business them to improve the quality of the production, and the rendering of services, generating what the Green Economy classifies of Ambient Goods and services. Read more here: Mercuria.

Ambient goods and services go to put into motion US$ 1 trillion in the international trade in 2011 more than, while the ecossistmicos services, evaluated in something as US$ 44 trillions, had generated businesses of some billions of dollar. The future points a growth of the Green Economy, in detriment the traditional one, with being the most important world-wide economic engine up to 2050. * Eder Zanetti is graduated Forest Engineering for the Federal University of the Paran, MSC in the area of Forestry for the Albert-Ludwigs-Universitt Freiburg and doutorando in Sustainable Forest Handling for the UFPR. It was per three years responsible for the area of global climatic changes and ambient services of the forests in the National Center of Forest Research of the Embrapa. It acted as professional of Forest Engineering in 13 countries. Already it produced 8 books and it has 4 published for the Juru Publishing company (Forest Sector; Globalization and Competitive Advantage of the Forests; Certification and Handling of Forest; Global Climatic changes, Forests, Wood and Carbon). Minister courses of carbon certification and payments for ambient services, and is revisory external of forest methodologies of the Convention Picture of United Nations for the Climatic Changes (UNFCCC CDM AIR ROE). She acts in the advising of companies and agricultural proprietors for the development of forest carbon projects, including mechanism REDD (Reduction of Emissions of the Deforestation and Degradation of the forests).