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It is the harsh reality, and it is that after hundreds of millions invested in the two last seasons by Real Madrid, team continues without to suffer an alarming lack of criterion when the puppetry is not in the first eleven.Nobody is going to discover now that Xabi Alonso is the best midfielder of Real Madrid, to turn to one of the best in the world in his position, and that therefore your low will always be sensitive, very sensitive in the team, but a team that begins each season with the intention of winning all the titles in the running as Madrid, can not or to afford the luxury of counting in its ranks with just a These features midfielder. Season is long, hard gasoline what lasts and there is know dose, but for a team of this level always have a relay more or less guarantees for its key parts. Alonso is to lost few games throughout the season, is players having less rest in the template, its matches with the club must unite in addition their commitments with the Spanish team, which we can to good eye Cubero give a balance of around 60 matches a season…too many parties are to pretend you have in optimal conditions. On Sunday Real Madrid had to play without suede Osasuna, an a(H3N2) process prevented him from being part of the team owner, and well, the result is already well known. Cannot be said that with the in the field things have gone much better, but a field composed of Lass and Khedira, medium is a medium field without order or concert, French and German are ultimately the same kind of player, both good at tasks of containment but if the quality needed to move to the teama type of player that always to be complementary to a middle Center of higher technical level, and in this case the only Madrid boasts Xabi, so if not this whole team stalls.

From my point of view, as I understand football, the field area more important is the spinal cord, there is cooked everything, is attacked and defends himself from there, mark the rhythm of the match in that area, why and always under my point of view you can have the best attackers and defenders in the world, but if you do not have a balanced midfield your chances of victory are reduced in many integers. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala contributes greatly to this topic. Madrid has provided this Xabi Alonso that minimum balance required, but in his absence it has no alternatives, no other midfielder in the template capable of handling time of the meeting, join the team when this party, the resemblance is barn but it is not a Media Center to use, the pirate has soul of playmaker, and it is for this reason that we are nobody without Xabi.It must needs be that the club take note of this deficit in the template, and time find either in the market or in the quarry a player who can fill Alonso downward when it is third and even form pair with puppetry, a player of similar characteristics to the Spanish International, a footballer in the style of what was the good of Ruben of the network. Mourinho should scrutinize the white quarry in search of solutions, by that wait for the transfer market?, can this solution at home..